Dodging Bill Collectors? …..Yes! Dodging Balls? ……He*! Yes!



If you are looking for some awesome Dodgeball on Wednesday nights, head over to Northwest Rec Center and don’t stand in one place too long……you might become the new target of a flying, screaming dodge ball! Sit back and see how it all went down on Wednesday!

Bad news for the Attack of the Menacing Man-Eating Squirrels……they got attacked by 18 Wheelers 1-4. Not to rub it in but, they were on the losing side of their second game too……0-4 in favor of The Untouchaballs. Sorry Squirrels……go bury some nuts somewhere!

Unfortunately for LX Stands for Luxury… stood for Losing on this night! First to the “Z” in Zero 0-4 then to the lime green team of Lauren Swipes Right by the exact same score…..0-4. What is it about 0-4 for this team. Here’s hoping next week the LX stands for “lotta 10s!”

In our next matchup, “Z” in Zero got a chance for redemption against Aiming for the Fat Ones. Both teams connected early with 2 apiece before Zero scored 2 more taking the 4-2 dub-ya. To make matters worse, Aiming for the Fat Ones could only post up 1 point in the later game against Lauren Swipes Right. They took out their opponent with 4 points to take the victory. Nice game!

Dodgy Style spent most of their time dodging balls rather than scoring points to drop both of the night’s matches. They managed to score 1 point to Ballcoholics 4 and zero points to Gotta Catch Em All’s 4 points. Long night for Dodgy……let’s try it again next week though!

Purple Cobras had high hopes for the evening but looked doomed from the beginning by losing to Gotta Catch Em All 0-4. All hopes were not dashed, however when they took on their next opponent, Ballcoholics in the night’s final game. Both teams matched each other’s first 2 scores and kept it close until the final minute of the match. Purple Cobras struck next and even another last second kill to take the match 4-2. Exciting game!

Whether they got killed or dodged another one, everyone took the party over to Little Woodrows after it was all said and done. Whether it was comparing bruises or throwing down challenges for next week, a few cold ones were tossed back with promises to “kill” it next week. Come join us!

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