Don’t Let The Inflated Round Thing Hit You……ever!!

dodge ball


a court game in which players throw an inflated ball at opponents within the court who try to avoid being hit, and therefore eliminate, the winner being the one who remains unhit.
According to the definition…….The Untouchables took down the undefeated Steve team…. “being the one who remains unhit.” Wow… one saw that one coming!!
In other action we saw Snoop Dodgey Dodge  vs. Dodgy Style. Despite it being a 4-1 knock out, Dodgy Style jellied up as a unit and went down fighting.  Snoop was able to notch their first win of the season to get the night going.

In the game of the “greens” Ballcoholics took on Dodgy Style in a “new vs old” clash to start the season.
In the “Miss Congeniality” division, Ballcoholics is back again to see if they can match their good sportsmanship with some wins this season.  This was an epic battle between the two eager teams, but at the end of the back and forth, Dodgy Style finally took home their first win of the season 4-3.

In the game of the night, Happy Hour Specials took on Aiming For The Fat Ones (where do they get these team names??!!)
HH had raised their game from last season but, AFTFO was up for it….matching hit for hit.

Then something happened……like the mommy who gets super human strength to lift the car off the trapped baby……HH was down from 6 players to 1 and it looked all over but the cryin’. This lone ranger plucked off players like tin cans on a stump post! HH takes the impossible win at 4-2 while the crowd raises the roof! Well done Ke-mo sah-bee!

After the matches, Happy Hour at Little Woodrow’s – Burnet hosted some bruised and battered ballers for a few brewskies and even some card playing. Lots of laughs, suds and camaraderie to finish off another great night of D-Ball. Can’t wait to do it all again next week…..see you there!




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