Where would you find Catchers, Throwers, Corners and Snipers? Dodgeball!!!

Ever drive by NWRC on a Wednesday night and wonder what all the ruckus is all about? It’s ASSC Dodgeball! Here’s how it all played out last week:

In our favorite team name match up…..and the game of the night, hands down, goes to Aiming For The Fat Ones vs Attack Of The Menacing Man-Eating Squirrels.  AFTFO came right out of the gate strong and quickly overtook the Squirrels.  Never to stay down long, however, the Squirrels rallied in the third round and stunned AFTFO to take the victory! My oh my….those squirrels are cagey little critters!

Notable Mention 1: 18 Wheelers and The Blue Ballers had by far the most fun during their game than any other match up. Both teams had heavy fan clubs and huge benches present turning the court into a sea of blue jerseys battling it out.  With every great play, on either side of the line, lots of cheers, rally cries and screams followed. Boy, they were loud! When it was all said and done, The Blue Ballers won the match and the $25 gift card to share at happy hour after the game

Notable Mention 2:  The Untouchables v. Stove Porlow in an awesomely matched showdown that saw it’s share of overtimes. Round 1 went to The Untouchables in an obviously close match which could have gone either way. Stove Porlow was not about to cry “UNCLE” though and kept the second round close as well. The Untouchables were too tough on this night though and took the win. Wow….doesn’t get much closer than that!

In the last duel of the night, Dodgy Style went up against The “Z” in Zero. There was a zero in the match up but it wasn’t pinned on the Zs. They blanked out Dodgy Style with a one sided victory 4-0 when the last player was thrown out. Awesome show!

Bruised and battered, everyone headed over to Little Woodrow’s on Burnet to lick their wounds and swap stories of the night. Another great night in the books and the best part…..we get to do it all over again next time…..join us!


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