‘Tis The Season To Dodge Lots of Balls!’

It’s Dodgeball playoff night at Northwest Rec Center and were there a lot of balls being dodged! LOOKOUT!!!

Let’s get started with the Quarterfinals action:

The Untouchaballs took on Purple Cobras in early action with both teams just getting warmed up. The Untouchaballs made quick work of the Purple Cobras knocking them out 5-1 to advance.
Stove Porlow went up against 18 Wheelers and also rolled over their opponents with a 5-1 victory. This could be a long night!!

On the other side of the draw, “Z” in Zero faced Gotta Catch Em All in a close one. Lots of sneak attacks with some agile footwork in this match up! Another close game with “Z” in Zero edging out Gotta Catch Em All 5-3! Nice game!

In the final quarterfinal match, Lauren Swipes Right took care of Ballcoholics 5-1 with some precision throws and even better moves to head into the next round.

Now on to the Semifinals:

At the beginning of the semi finals game the Untouchaballs had an immediate two-fer against Lauren Swipes Right.  There was about to be another one right after that but the ball bounced off his teammate, onto his back, and in true Andy fashion he caught it behind his back one-handed.  That was seriously the play of the night with The Untouchaballs coming out on top 5-3.
In another close match up, “Z” in Zero took on the powerful Stove Porlow in those striking black jerseys! Score went back and forth with the tension growing with each throw and miss. Stove Porlow down to their last man couldn’t save him and took the loss 4-5! It’s gettin’ hot in here!!!

We are all set for the Finals and we were not disappointed!!
The “Z” in Zero, unlike most teams in playoffs, came in strong and played like champions the entire night.  They had tough games against really good teams (Gotta Catch Em All, Stove Porlow, and The Untouchaballs) but finally came out on top 5-3! Joe A. from The “Z” In Zero had a fantastic night as it was his last in dodgeball.  He’s leaving with a championship win finally and what better way to go out!

After the Championship match, the party continued over at Little Woodrow’s Burnet – Literally half of the teams in playoffs showed up for happy hour. The Purple Cobras went to happy hour after their elimination round, came back to the rec center for open gym, and then went back to happy hour.  How awesome is that?! Let’s do it all again next season!

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