Is that an actual Tu-Tu she’s wearing? Yes!!


Yes…….it’s Tuesday night at South East Metro Park and there’s someone wearing an actual Tu-Tu for Flag Football! Only in Austin! Let’s look at the results to see how it all played out!

Picki MInaj vs Texas OD: Both teams were evenly matched on both offense and defense and this one was going to go down to the wire. Picki Minaj was down to their last down on the goal line and looking to score. Ball is snapped, pass is thrown…..incomplete! Texas OD held on to take the win 18-14. Great game!

Balling Out of Control vs Los Tigres: Tons of offense by Balling Out of Control en route to a great result going into the playoffs. Great defense and good aerial attack led to highlights on both sides. When the final whistle blew, it was 34-12 win for Balling Out of Control! Awesome play!

Topgolf TBD vs Whiskey Business: Both teams came out swinging with some great early plays on both sides of the ball. Whiskey Business pulled away with some fantastic runs to take the Dub-Ya at 35-18 over Topgolf.

Liquor N Poker vs #pimpinjoy: Defense was the name of the game in this match up. #Pimpinjoy went up by 2 scores by forcing a couple of defensive fumbles. Unfortunately Liquor couldn’t catch up and fell victim to #Pimpinjoy,  30-44. Nice close game on both sides!

Snapchat Me Them TDs vs. Touchdown for What: Snapchat was in control for most of the game and survived some big plays from Touchdown for What. Tons of long-scoring plays for the chatters and Touchdown had too little, too late. Snapchat 36 with Touchdown posting 16. Awesome highlights from this game!

The Phallus Cowgirls vs. Tittsburgh Feelers: Can you say nail-biter! Wowee…..this was the game of the night, fer sher! Both teams scored on their first drives with tight defenses preventing any long plays. Grinding it out on the ground they matched their second set of scores TD for TD. In the end, Tittsburgh had the edge and the 1 extra point that made the difference. Tittlsburgh 29 Phallus 28! This is what it’s all about….great scoring and great sportsmanship!

After the last whistle blew, players headed to Lustre Pearl East to tip a few back and reflect on the victories and defeats. With the playoffs next week, all agreed this party is just getting started. See you all again next week!


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