Barton’s Back Again!

Week One

Week one is always the most interesting night for any sport at any time. We see a lot of new faces and a ton of familiar faces. We have people who have never played before, and lots of people who swear they are professionals. All in all, though, we all come together on Sundays to have fun, play the game we love, and then head over to happy hour to amp up the socializing!

Abusement Park vs Zeke and the Geeks

What a great game! Zeke and the Geeks have played with us before and were honestly quite terrible when they first started. However, this past Sunday they started strong and scored on their first drive! Abusement Park took a bit to get in the groove and started with 4 interceptions in a row. Ouch. However, they made some great long passes, found their groove, and ended up scoring on every other drive in the game. Zeke and the Geeks suffered some interceptions and player injury, but maintained the ability to make great plays. Abusment Park wound up on top 40-26 after multiple interceptions leading to TDs.



Win 1 for Phil n Mal vs TMI


All game, both teams had fantastic rushers that made imperative plays.


Win 1 for Phil n Mal started extremely strong offensively, scoring on all their drives in the first half. TMI took a while to warm up, suffering a turnover and interception in the first half.


However, they turned it on and wound up scoring on the remaining three drives of the game. It came down to an imperative last minute end zone pick by Win 1 that prevented TMI from tying it up last minute. In the end, Win 1 for Phil and Mal held on and won 28-20.


Le’Veon a Prayer vs Cash Me Offside, How Bow Dah?


The teams were very well balanced, both with strong offense and defense. Le’Veon opened the game with a TD and successful 3 point conversion . Due to some fantastic deep passes, they proceeded to score on the next two drives. Cash Me Offside suffered an interception early on, but then turned on the heat with strong running game and speedy receivers. The females had a particularly successful night with some very impressive catches on gender plays. Unfortunately, Le’Veon did not have much offensive time in the 2nd half and was only able to score once. Cash Me Offside played smart and used the downs to their advantage, keeping themselves on offense most of the second half. This allowed them to come out on top 30-29.


Happy Hour is Where Now?


The previous couple of seasons have had their fill of donuts, but we’ve relocated our happy hour to one of the hottest locations in good ol’ ATX. After the football games, be sure to join up with the officials and fellow ASSCers at Little Woodrow’s on West 6th! If you weren’t inspired to Sunday Funday it up, you will be now!

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