It’s Flag Football Night at SE Metro! ….. ¡Es noche de fútbol bandera en el Metro SE!

Lots of flags flying, fans waving and footballs passed on this Tuesday night at SE Metro. Here’s how it all went down:

Los Tigres vs. Topgolf TBD: Los Tigres played a couple men down but showed a valiant effort in their defeat. It was a good, clean game but Topgolf TBD was too much for Los Tigres, taking the win at 52-12.

Tittsburgh Feelers vs. Snapchat Me Them TD’s :Tittsburgh Feelers had a rough night only able to post 8 on the board against Snapchat Me Them TD’s 42……ouch!

Whiskey Business vs. Balling Out of Control: Whiskey Business had better luck against Balling Out of Control by playing great defense and timely offense to take the Dub-Yah at 36-12.

The Phallus Cowgirls v. Touchdown for What: Most competitive game of the night, complete with a few “ESPN highlight reel” catches. The quarterback for TDFW almost overthrew a pass in the endzone, but the receiver made a spectacular one-armed catch for the touch down! Both teams played extremely hard and fought for every yard. TOUCHDOWN FOR WHAT 38 with The Phallus Cowgirls posting up 28 for an exciting win!

Picki Minaj v. Texas OD: First half went back and forth with both teams taking a tie into the half.  Great deep ball defense and methodical offense all around on both sides of the ball. In the battle of conversions TXOD made all 5 to help take the win at 40-20!

Liquor N Poker v. #pimpinjoy: Liquor N Poker started out with big chunks of yardage, with some awesome long plays.  #Pimpinjoy very methodical, eating up lots of time on the clock, but 2 turnovers were costly. Great defense by both teams, but big plays made the difference. In the end, the clock proved to be their biggest enemy and Liquor n’ Poker took the 29-20 win.

After the game, all were headed to Lustre Pearl East for some $3 Bud Light Tallboys to reminisce about the night’s highlights and lowlights. Lots of suds, camaraderie and continued sportsmanship were had by all……come join us for another round next week!





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