Flag Football: Spring Has Sprung at Barton Springs

Week Four

After what feels like a lifetime of rain outs, we finally caught a break and had some sunshine! Fingers crossed that the rain stays away, and we can keep rockin’ and rollin’ this season! Here’s what went down this past Sunday at Barton Springs!


Field One


Field one had all the social action last week and it’s a good thing, too, because every game was one-sided in terms of touch downs. Can we say “blow out?” The first game had team Cash Us Offside, How Bow Dah playing Make Flag Football Great Again. Cash Us Offside kept throwing to their opponent, making it easy for flag football to be great for Make Flag Football Great Again. For every interception thrown, there was a touch down made. Make Flag Football Great Again took home the win, 36 to 13.


Game two was a double forfeit between Get Lit or Die Tryin’ and SCLSU Mud Dogs. If you don’t have the proper shirt (current season and team color), then you don’t get to play. This has been the ASSC golden rule since the dawn of time. BRING YOUR SHIRT! Both teams did get to play an exhibition game against each other, though, to enjoy the awesome spring night!


Moving right along, Multiple Scoregasms took Zeke and Geeks to town by taking an early lead in the first half, 20 to 7, and finished them off with another 23 points in the second half. Although the score may have been ugly, both teams were super friendly and had a lot of fun playing each other. Multiple Scoregasms ran away with the game and won 43 to 7!


The last game on field one was the most football-filled game compared to the other three games on that field:  less of a blow out, a bit more competitive. Le’veon My Wayward Son took an early lead in the first half against Wilfork on the First Date, 20 to 6. Wilfork on the First Date tried to have an answer in the second half and was able to put up twenty points, but it wasn’t enough to take the lead or the win. Le’veon My Wayward Son also put up another twenty points to add to their final score, 40 to 26.


 Field Two


There was a lot more football action over on the next field, starting off with Hey…That’s Not My Flag playing Lean Dak. Hey…That’s Not My Flag came out the gates with the first touchdown of the evening. Lean Dak needed a couple plays to warm up before they were able to join the dance, but once they scored their first touchdown and two extra points, it was game on! The first half ended at 14 to 8, in favor of Hey…That’s Not My Flag! The second half had both teams exchanging blows of touchdowns with Hey…That’s Not My Flag keeping the lead, but Lean Dak stayed close on their heals with only a six point deficit. The finish line was so close yet so far for Lean Dak when they scored another touchdown and went for two extra points. Victory looked like it would be in their hands at 28 to 26, but Hey…That’s Not My Flag put up one more touchdown to end the game, 32-28.


Fast Flags and Off To Monkeys had a fast-paced, back and forth game that ended with a nail biter! Unable to complete their first down, Fast Flags had to play a bit of catch up after Off To Monkeys scored their first touchdown and extra point. On their second drive, however, Fast Flags was able to tie up the game 7-7. Off to Monkeys had one more shot to score before the end of the first half and was able to put another 7 on the board, leading 14-7 at the half. Trying to gain some headway, Fast Flags kicked off the second half with another touchdown and extra point to tie the score up 14 all, but Off to Monkeys had an answer for that: a TD plus an extra point. Monkeys still in the lead, 21-14, with Fast Flags in the rear view mirror. On the next drive, Fast Flags put on their jets and scored another touchdown to make the Monkeys nervous being up by only one point. The competition heated up as the time winded down. Off to Monkeys scored another touchdown and an extra point to try to pull away from Fast Flags, but with only a few minutes left, Fast Flags had time for one more possession and chance tie the game. Unfortunately for Fast Flags, they couldn’t pull off any extra points, and the time ticked down to zero. Off to Monkeys won the game 28 to 26! These two teams may be seeing each other in the playoffs…if we ever get there…


Make TDMP Great Again and the B Teamers faced off in the third game of the night. B Teamers were off to a rough start with three interceptions for every possession, and Make TDMP Great Again took full advantage, scoring on each INT. B Teamers were able to make one touchdown with two extra points before the end of the first half but trailed 22-8 at the half. Half time was crucial for B Teamers; I don’t know what they did during their mini break, but when they came back onto the field, it was a different team. No more interceptions for B Teamers; instead, they were able to find the end zone…three times! Too bad for B Teamers though, because Make TDMP Great Again never forgot where the end zone was and also scored a few more times. Make TDMP Great Again took the lead from the jump and never looked back. Make TDMP Great Again won 36 to 22.


Last game of the night on field two was a battle of the blues: Jacker T. Ma in royal blue versus Squad in Carolina blue. Okay, “battle” is too strong of a word for what happened in that game. Jacker T. Ma was only able to put 6 points up on the board, while Squad ran all over them, 34-6. I guess Jacker T. Ma was singing the blues all the way home.


Who Doesn’t Like Cheap Booze?


After the games, both players and officials made their way over to Gourdough’s to take advantage of the Austin Sports and Social happy hour prices and watch all the madness that is March Madness. Bring your team and wear your current ASSC shirts to drink as many $2 Dollar Bud Lights as you can…until they run out! As always, if you’ve had too much to drink, holler at GetMe to pick you and your buds up!



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