Flag Football: We Da Best at Barton Springs!!

Week Two

Week two at Barton Springs was a night full of injuries. Okay, there were four in total, but four is still one too many, and it seemed to be what stuck out for the night.

Guys and gals, watch out for your own teammates, you’re not the only one on the field. You’re bound to run into each other if you’re not paying attention. Keep it social and play safe. This is a no-contact league…even if the player is on your own team!


Aside from the list of injuries, the night went a little something like this:


B Teamers, Hey…That’s Not My Flag, Zeke and Geeks, and Cash us Offside – HowBow Dah opened up the evening on both fields. B Teamers gave Hey…That’s Not My Flag a run for their money, but ultimately fell 27 to 52. Zeke and Geeks couldn’t be caught offside, and instead focused on catching all the balls! Cash Us Offside was left cashing Zeke And Geeks’ dust, and lost 6-48 in a blowout!


At 6:50, Squad handed Fast Flags a swift beating, 42-20, and Le’Veon my Wayward Son dropped the ball against Get Lit or Die Tryin’. Get Lit or Die Tryin’ lit up the scoreboard and won 26-19 in a close and exciting game!


As the night moved closer to our last few games, so too did the scores between all the teams. Lean Dak barely squeezed out a win against Make TDMP Great Again, 26 to 24. Make Flag Football Great Again is still working on just that, however, Multiple Scoregasms would probably beg to differ. They scored multiple times against Make Flag Football Great Again, and definitely had a happy ending, winning 34 to 20. We had another close game against Off to Monkeys and Jacker T. Ma. This game boiled down to just a one-point difference with the ball falling in favor of Jacker T. Ma, 20-19!


It must be deja vu or something because SCLSU Mud Dogs and Wilfork On the First Date replicated the exact same score as that of Off to Monkeys and Jacker T. Ma, only this game earned the title “Game of the Night!”

It was a super close, fun, friendly game. In the first half, Mud Dogs crushed it, scoring two touchdowns and only giving up one touchdown on a pick six with Wilfork scoring the only extra point in the half. The score was 12 to 7, in favor of the Mud Dogs at the half. Things were not looking good for Wilfork, as Mud Dogs scored on their first drive in the second half, making it 19-7. Wilfork wasn’t going to just sit back and take the beating, though, so they answered back, bringing the score to 19-13.

Mud Dogs were about to seal the deal on their victory by throwing a nice and easy pass, but out of nowhere Wilfork was able to intercept the ball and take a knee in the end zone giving them just the chance they needed! With plenty of time left on the clock, Wilfork was able to relax, take their time, and take control of the game. Wilfork ran the clock down and scored the extra point with no time left on the clock! Wilfork On the First Date stole the show and walked away victorious, 20-19! I have a feeling the Mud Dogs will be wanting some revenge down the road!

Happiest of Hours!

After the games, the players and refs made their way over to Gourdough’s to indulge in $2 Dollar Bud Lights and delicious donut concoctions! It’s the perfect place to mix and mingle with other ASSCers after a long night of tearing up the fields! If you’ve had too much to drink, or find yourself in a food coma, hit up GetMe for a safe ride home!

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