Flag-tastic Times at Barton Springs!

Week Five

There was quite a lot of flag football action at Barton Springs on Sunday night, but this week, only one game stood out that was noteworthy of earning “Game of the Night” status! Shout out to B Teamers and Lean Dak for putting on quite the show!


B Teamers v. Lean Dak:


Lean Dak had an early lead in the first half, 22 to 12, but B Teamers came back at the start of the second half to tie the game up 22-all!


Trying to get some distance between themselves and B Teamers, Lean Dak got another TD under their belt to give them a 6-point lead. Those B Teamers, though, weren’t going to let Lean Dak get away so easily. They stayed right on Lean Dak’s heals by scoring another TD and two extra points in their next drive!


With the game neck and neck, tied at 36-36, and only seconds left on the clock, Lean Dak managed to score one more touch down to pull out the win, 42-36!


But What About Us…?


Here’s how the rest of y’all footballers made out in week five:


Squad (Carolina Blue) (A) 30 AT Off to Monkeys (Black) (H) 14

Le’Veon my Wayward Son (Military Green) (A) 28 AT SCLSU Mud Dogs (Sky Blue) (H) 6

Lean Dak (Maroon) (A) 42 AT B Teamers (Indigo Blue) (H) 36

Make Flag Football Great Again (Sport Grey) (A) 52 AT Zeke and Geeks (Azalea Pink) (H) 24

Make TDMP Great Again (Gold) (A) 44 AT Hey… That’s Not My Flag (White) (H) 18

Multiple Scoregasms (Orange) (A) 21 AT Cash us Offside – HowBow Dah (Lime Green) (H) 0 FORFEIT

Jacker T. Ma (Royal Blue) (A) 32 AT Fast Flags (Sky Blue) (H) 14

Wilfork On The First Date (Purple) (A) 21 AT Get Lit or Die Tryin’ (Irish Green) (H) 0 FORFEIT


Happiest of Hours at Gourdough’s


As per usual, after the games the teams and officials all meet up at Gourdough’s to chow down on some donut treats and recharge with $2 Dollar Bud Lights. Those prices are only available to Austin Sports and Social Club players, so make sure to show up with your current season shirt and give GetMe a holler if you feel like you may have overindulged…on booze or donuts!

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