Gimme’ an F…..L….A….G! What’s that spell? Flag….Football!

It’s Monday Night (Flag) Football……no, not the one on ESPN but the one at SEMetro! Here’s the rundown of all the action as it played out:

Right off the bat, Past Our Prime took on We Dem Boyz and Gurlz in a close one. More offense then defense in this matchup but Past our Prime managed to take the squeaker at 33-30. Great game to get things started!

Offense was the name of the game when Show Us Your TD’s took on Natalie’s Team on field 2. Show Us Your TD’s hung 39 on Natalie’s Team who only managed 13 points. Sorry about that Natalie!

In one of the later games, Still Runnin’ put a hurtin’ on Ball So Hard University by a lopsided score of 36-18! Ouch!

In another painful matchup, Los No Mames Gueys took a beating from Don’t be Talkin’ Bout My Mama and could only post 8 to their 36. Guess they are serious about not talkin’ bout their mama!

In the game of the night, Balls to the Walls played European Soccer in an awesome display of athleticism, finesse and versatility! These two super social teams were having a blast and never quit! First half both teams threw 1INT and scored once, leaving the score tied at half 8-8. In the second half Balls to the Walls went up by two on their first drive making their extra points while European soccer missed theirs. Balls to the Walls missed their next extra point leaving European Soccer just 2 minutes to try and tie the game. They used their timeouts wisely but got flagged for using too much time on one of their last plays. To their advantage, however, that stopped the clock with 1st and goal on the 25 yard line. Next 2 plays, they kept it on the ground to set up their last shot at a score. Pass to the back of the end zone found the receiver for the score! YESSSSS! After some scrambling left then right, they tied it up at with a nifty extra point run! With the score tied at 22 all, Balls to the Walls only had enough time to run a couple of plays. European Soccer’s defense held tough to keep the tie in place as the whistle blew, ending the game. Final score 22-22, what a thriller!

After the game, everyone headed to Lustre Pearl East to tip back a few $3 Bud Light Tallboys and swap stories of the plays that got away. Come join us next week and we do it all again!



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