Pull My Thumb…..er…..Pull My Flag!


It’s Halloween night at South East Metro……Trick or Treat…..smell my feet……give me some flag football team to beat! Let’s take a trip out to the Great Pumpkin patch to see how things shook out:

We Dem Boyz and Gurlz vs Still Runnin’. This was a neck and neck and came right down to the end with some really big gender plays from both teams. Score at the end of the first half was 18-14. We Dem Boyz and Gurlz on top but just barley, having missed all of their extra points. Second half Still Runnin’ got the ball first, putting them up after their first drive by just 2 points. Back and forth right down to the end with Dem Boyz/Gurlz scoring in the last seconds of the game to win 30-28. Woweeee…..great game!

Don’t Be Talkin’ Bout My Mama still seems to be sensitive about anybody talking about their momma! They took it out on Show Us Your TD’s 21 to zip…..that’s a statement!
In a high flying, high scoring affair, Ball So Hard University went up against Past our Prime where there was virtually no defensive plan on either side of the ball. They matched each other, score for score….over and over again. When the smoke cleared, Past our Prime tacked up 48 to Ball So Hard University’s 44! Awesomeness!!

It was orange vs grey when Balls to the Walls took on Natalie’s Team in one of the later games. This was another close one with both teams matching score for score for most of the game. Balls outlasted Natalie’s Team by 7, taking the 22-14 victory on the gridiron.

Los No Mames Gueys were not the purple-people-eaters of old in their match up against European Soccer. European Soccer was desperate for their first win of the season but it wouldn’t come easy. They stayed tough and scored an exciting late TD to chart their first win…..22-15! Yes!!

After the games, all headed over to Lustre Pearl East for some drink specials and lots of gauntlets being thrown down! Tonight showed lots of great plays, great sportsmanship and great camaraderie! The best part is….we get to do it all again next week!


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