SEMP Flag Football: Rain, Rain, Go the Eff Away!


Week One

We are still sitting steady at week one for flag football over at the Southeast Metro Park. As I’m writing this, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we can get week two underway tonight for Tuesday. Monday was rained out again…bummer. Anyway, eventually the weather will figure itself out and hopefully will let us get our flag football season going! In the meantime, here’s the rundown on what happened in the first week of flag football on Monday and Tuesday.





Best game of the night, by far, was Super Down, Super Excited versus Drinkin’ Fortes. First half, both teams had one interception and Super Down had 2 TD’s making for a score at the half, 14-6, Super Down in the lead. In the second half, Drinkin’ Fortes got to start with the ball and they came out strong, scoring on their first drive and tying the game up 14-all. Super Down missed their extra point on the next drive and Drinkin’ Fortes took full advantage! Drinkin’ Fortes made their extra points on the next drive and took the lead for the first time, 22-20! Both teams then had a turnover each with 2 minutes left on the clock. Super Down was able to milk the clock and get all the way down the field to score the last TD with 17 seconds left on the clock! Drinkin Fortes gave it one last shot with the last 17 seconds left and made it to the red zone. They unfortunately dropped the last pass of the game in the end zone, ending the game, 22-28 in favor of Super Down, Super Excited!

Monday Scores


What House? (Purple) (A) 20 AT Been Runnin’ (Maroon) (H) 36

Savages (White) (A) 14 AT Your Mom’s Favorite Team (Gold) (H) 29

European Soccer (Irish Green) (A) 14 AT Super down, super Excited (Black) (H) 33

Show Us Your TD’s (Carolina Blue) (A) 22 AT Been Runnin’ (Maroon) (H) 30

Drinkin’ Fortes (Sport Grey) (A) 22 AT Super down, super Excited (Black) (H) 28

Blood, Sweat and Beers (A) 28 AT Awesome Balls (Royal Blue) (H) 22


(Cash Me Offside, holler at me for a team pic!)


Cash Me Offside starts the season with an undefeated record, beating #PimpinJoy 34-26 in the first game, and 30-21 against the 512 Underdogs. We had our first tie of the season with the 512 Underdogs and Now That’s What I Call High Quality H2O on field 4, score 28-28. Tittsburg Feelers and Go with the FLO battled it out in an exchange of touchdowns that came down to the wire. Go with the FLO squeaked out the win 26-22. The last game of the night on field 1 was a massive blowout with Dak to the Future running circles around XBioTouchdown and outscored them 44-6. Even though it was such an ass whooping, both teams had a good time playing against each other. X Bio is just learning how to play the game, so their forecast looks a bit turbulent. You never know, though. Anything can happen on any given Tuesday… stay tuned!


Tuesday Scores

#Pimpinjoy (White) (A) 26 AT Cash Me Offside, How Bow Dah? (Irish Green) (H) 34

Now that’s what I call high quality H2O (Orange) (A) 28 AT 512 Underdogs (Maroon) (H) 28

Tittsburgh Feelers (Azalea Pink) (A) 22 AT Go with the FLO (Purple) (H) 26

512 Underdogs (Maroon) (A) 21 AT Cash Me Offside, How Bow Dah? (Irish Green) (H) 30

Whiskey Business (Sky Blue) (A) 34 AT SCOREGASMS (Lime Green) (H) 20

XBiotouchdown (Sport Grey) (A) 6 AT Dak to the Future (Royal Blue) (H) 44


Come Get Your Happy Hour On With Us!


Cruise on over for happy hour at Craftsman after the games! Show up with your teams and your player appreciation cards for $10 off your $20 purchase! Craftsman has $2 Bud Lights just for our ASSC players. Get your taco and drink on with the coolest officials in Austin, and socialize with your fellow footballers and even soccer players! It’s a great time all around! Hit up GetMe if you need a ride home!


Keep your fingers crossed that the rain will stay the eff away!

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