Who Wants to Watch Some Football This Sunday? ….we do!


You think Barton Springs is cool during the day, you should see it on Sunday nights……..there are people wearing flags trying to keep this oblong ball away from each other……it’s crazy! Here’s what went down on Sunday:
Lettuce Win didn’t have to beg too hard after they scored early, often and late to tack up 40 against Nacho Problem’s 12 points. A valiant effort but too little, too late for the nachos! Nacho Problem came back strong though in taking on Raisin’ the Roof as they won a squeaker 22-19 for a nice comeback win. Way to hang in their Nacho!
Raisin’ the Roof had another shot at a victory in their next match up with Flags and Furious. Close game throughout with lots of hustle and defense on both sides of the ball. Those guys are fast! Flags was a little too Furious for Raisin’ the Roof and took the win by 28-20. Another great game!

In their next game, Flags and Furious came up against an imposing opponent….Le’Veon on a Prayer who wouldn’t let anyone stand in their way of the endzone. They won it all going away by a score of 33-16. Stay Furious Flags!

Off to Monkeys was the next victim for Le’Veon on a Prayer! They could not be stopped puttin’ a whuppin’ on the Monkeys 42-16! Wow….what an awesome team!

Taste the Rainbow was all over Team Sportsball like skittles in a trick or treat bag! 36-12 read the scoreboard when it was all over and Team Sportsball was ready for a few cold ones by the end of it all!

Matthew McConaughey’s Alright, alright, alright team won a close won against The Job Squad 20-18. He’s our hometown boy….what do you expect?!

In the game of the night, Josh Gordon School took on Learned Hands in an exciting thriller! Picture this….14 seconds left…..Learned Hands needs a chick to score to win it all. Yes……let’s hear it for girl power……as the refs raised both arms for the TD!! We should all want to play like a girl!! Great game and great sportsmanship as Learned Hands take it 34 to 27!

Doc’s on Congress was the place to be for $2 Bud Light Draft and $7 Pitchers while we reflected on the could haves….would haves…should haves from the night. We can’t wait to do it all again next week……come join us!


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