Sunday Indoor Kickball: Kickballin’ Is a Habit

Hey ASSCers! You’ve got TWO DAYS left to sign up for outdoor Kickball that starts next season! And just when you thought you couldn’t get enough kickball, there’s a kickball tournament on February 12th! Registration for the tournament closes February 10th, so hurry up and grab your teams!



Sunday night. Six teams. Three games. One ring to rule them all…

Not really, but it sounds catchy, right? We had a nice and easy night over at the Northwest Rec with lots of time for socializing!

Strait Ballin and Ballbusters opened the night with an exciting game. Strait Ballin kept an 8 run lead going into the final inning with a score of 9-1. Feeling like they had the game in the bag, Strait Ballin started cruising, but Ballbusters was still determined to come back from the bottom to try to pull out a win. Ballbusters were able to score 6 runs in the final inning before the final out was called. It was a valiant effort, but Strait Ballin won the opener 9-7.

Second game of the night can only be described with one word: Blowout. Great Balls of Fire brought the fire and incinerated Ballstars, 14-0. Sorry, Ballstars. Better luck next time!

Our last game of the evening earns the title “Game of the Night!” Kick Jung Uns and Supercalifrajilisticexpialimiguel played an instant classic. Both teams went kick for kick and traded 5 run innings and then the defenses locked it down. This game went down to the final inning with Supercali edging the Kick Jung Uns 7-6 in what our ASSC Official, Ted, said was “the best game of the season!” Awesome job, guys!

The excitement and camaraderie carried over from the Rec on over to Little Woodrow’s where we had awesome Austin Sports and Social Club representation! With 2 Dollar Budlights and more kick ballers than you can count on both your fingers and toes, why would you want to be anywhere else?

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