When it’s cold and wet outside, where do you go to play soccer…..inside!!


Welcome to the Indoor Soccer 5s ASSC league play at Soccer Zone! Rain or shine, day or night, this is where it’s at for some indoor soccer on Wednesday nights! Let’s see how it all got started at The Zone:


The Flooligans in their black jerseys took on the Targaryens to get it all going. Both teams scored early and kept the heat on with some innovative goals early. It wasn’t until mid point that Flooligans took the lead and never looked back, taking the Dub-Ya 17-10. Now that’s what we’re talkin’ ’bout!

Flooligans wasn’t finished for the night with the next victim Can…You…Kick It?! were hoping to make it a game. Flooligans was just getting warmed up and had other ideas about how the night was going to play out. Although Can…You…Kick It?! put up a good fight and scored 9 points of their own, Flooligans 14 points was too much. Nice games!

In another lopsided win, Goal Diggers pumped up 14 points while holding Nick of Time to only 5. Great defensive plays for the Goal Diggers was the difference tonight!

What an amazing game for both Drunk Dribblers and Spread the Cheeky!  Drunk Dribblers started out behind right away but managed to catch back up with a couple of female goals. They fell behind again trailing by 5 going into the half 11-6, in Cheeky’s favor. Second half was looking the same with Cheeky keeping a 4-5 goal lead. In the last few mins, however, Dribblers started their comeback and the next thing you know, with 1 minute left, the Dribblers are only down by one! They got a couple of really good passes in and an amazing, perfect shot to tie it up. Final score ends in a 16 all tie…… we hate ties!

One thing we don’t hate, however is Moontower’s for Happy Hour after the final whistle blew. Lots of highlights to discuss and predictions for next week. Come out and join us again next week!


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