Thursday was a beautiful night outside in Austin and inside South Austin’s Soccer Zone too……let’s take a look at how it all went down:

Dances with Feet took on Sir Kicks-a-Lot in the night’s opener. Dances with Feet was hot that night seemingly scoring at will all throughout the game. Sir Kicks-a-Lot tried to keep up but couldn’t put up enough defense to prevent the 16-26 loss. This game was definitely the game of headers… play had header….after header……after header….after header! Too exciting!!

Dribble Fo’Shizzle had a busy night first taking on Past Justin’s Bedtime then going against Expert Ball Handlers. They couldn’t seem to get much momentum going against Past Justin’s Bedtime, scoring only 6 to their 22. Tough loss!

Their second game, however, proved to be the best game of the night against Expert Ball Handlers. Dribble started this game out strong with female goal after female goal going up by 5 before the other team could even get a point on the board. Dribble was short a female and playing down. By half time the score was 12-5 and Dribble was looking dead tired while Ball Handlers picked up even more subs at half time. Second half once again Dribbles came out strong this time only scoring 1 or 2 goals before Ball Handlers got into the game with a late arrival female showing up to win the game. Ball Handlers came from behind to win 17-16 in the last minute of the game. Woweeee….what an awesome game.

The excitement followed everyone over to Moontower after the matches to revel in the victories, and lament over the losses……. all while tipping back a few cold ones! Let’s do it all again next week!!


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