How Intense Can Indoor Soccer Be, Anyway?! Ha!!!


So you think indoor soccer is “easier” than outdoor soccer?….. think again! Here’s how it all went down at SoccerZone on Wednesday:

Can…You…Kick It?! went up against the steamroller called Goal Diggers and never knew what hit them! Goal Diggers racked up 23 points to Kick It’s 3……wow…..what a romp!

Goal Diggers came down to earth in their second game taking on Drunk Dribblers. Much closer match with both teams keeping pace with each other until the last 60 seconds. Goal Diggers squeaked in a final goal to take the win at 11-9. Great night for the Diggers!

the Targaryens went up against Spread the Cheeky and made a game of it, despite the final score. Both closely matched early on but Cheeky pulled away and never looked back. They post up the Dub-Ya 22-9.

Game of the night went to Flooligans vs Just in the Nick of Time. Nick of Time had not won a single game this season but came awfully close on Wednesday!. First half had lots of back and forth play seeing the score tied 9 all at the half. Second half saw the same thing with Nick of Time controlling the score board right down to the final minute with the score 13-12 with Nick of Time 1 up with seconds to play.  Flooligans ripped a nasty female shot that hit the back of the net giving them the lead for the first time since the game started and holding on for the 14-13 win. Wow…..awesome!

Everyone headed to Happy Hour at Moontower after it was all over. Lots of brews tipped back and challenges thrown down for next week. Come join us and see what all the fuss is about!

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