Monday Indoor Soccer: Can We All Just Kick It?

Monday night we had four games with some great 4-on-4 action over at Soccer Zone in South Austin! All of the games were really close and always came down to the wire. Man Chest Hair United versus Sons of Pitches was no different. The first half of their game had a ton of back and forth goals, ending with a tie, 9 to 9. During the second half, Sons of Pitches was really able to move the ball around and string together sequences of passes around MCHU, allowing Sons of Pitches to get the ball around the defense and score some well-deserved goals. Man Chest Hair United was only able to score 9 more goals in the second half, while Sons of Pitches ran circles on them, scoring 13 goals. Sons of Pitches defeated Man Chest Hair United 22-18. The second game of the evening had team ABCDE FC looking to get their first win under their belt against Oh Pitch Please. Unfortunately, it was close, but no cigar. Oh Pitch Please looks like they are starting to take off on a winning streak with a record of 3-0-1. They beat team ABCDE FC 23 to 20. The intensity went up a couple notches with Off To Monkeys and Victorious Secret taking the field in game three. It seems like when Off To Monkeys shows up, there’s always some monkey business going on. The match was heated with both teams playing aggressive and making the competition fierce. Do we need to remind y’all about our favorite phrase? LET’S KEEP IT SOCIAL! It’s a game. It’s supposed to be fun. Make friends, not enemies! In the end, Off To Monkeys put an end to Victorious Secret’s winning streak, and left them UN-victorious, 19-14. Our last game of the evening ended with undefeated Nice Ball Walter playing against the defeated Hot Shots. True to each of their records, the streak continues for both: Nice Ball Walter took home the W, outscoring Hot Shots 28-22.

Happy Hour after the games is at Moontower off of Manchaca. Warm up by the fire, drink some $2 Bud Lights, and get social with your fellow ASSCers! And if you haven’t had enough soccer, early bird registration is now open for the next season’s 5-on-5 indoor soccer. Rally up your team, sign up, and we’ll see you back on the field February 28th!

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