Monday Indoor Soccer: It’s Punny Business Out Here!

Week five of indoor soccer means playoffs are right around the corner. It also means that indoor season is winding down and outdoor soccer is ramping up! There’s only a couple of days left for registration, so be sure to check out for deadlines and info!

This past Monday was a fun night with a lot of laughs from all of the teams! Awesome sportsmanship, great jokes, sick moves, and lots of booze! First, let me give a shout out to our officials of the evening, Jared and Satchel, for setting the tone in all of the pregame huddles. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that the officials are humans just like the rest of y’all, and it’s great to see teams come together to share jokes and laugh with everybody. We’re all here because we share the love of sports! Great job to Jared and Satchel, and thanks to all of the players for Keepin’ It Social with Austin Sports and Social Club!

The night started off with a blowout game with Off To Monkeys dominating Hot Shots, 24-4! Holy Moly! Even though it was a blowout, Hot Shots took their loss with style and grace, kept their head held high, and indulged in some cheering fluids while they watched the next match of Nice Ball Walter against Victorious Secret. It’s no secret that Victorious Secret is trying to get that top seed going into the playoffs. They took home the win against Nice Ball Walter, 29-17. Maybe Nice Ball Walter shouldn’t play so nice anymore…as long as they remember to keep it social! Our third game of the evening was deemed best game of the night, hands down! Man Chest Hair United versus ABCDE FC went goal for goal in the first half with Man Chest Hair U taking the lead with a 5-point deficit a couple times. ABCDE FC didn’t fall off, though, they were able to stay on Man U’s heals and tie the game up 11-11 at the half. The start of the second half looked similar to the first with Man Chest Hair United taking a slight lead right away. There was a lot of back and forth on the field, and with minutes left, ABCDE FC was able to tie the game and take the lead for the first time all night. Man Chest Hair United tried to get back out in front, but ABCDE FC was able to hold on to their small lead and take the win in the last couple minutes with a final score of 20-18! Both teams played an awesome friendly match and kept the game fun all night! Way to go! The last game of the evening was another close one with Oh Pitch Please defending their undefeated record against Sons of Pitches. Sons of Pitches tried hard to knock Oh Pitch Please from the number one spot, but couldn’t get the job done. Oh Pitch Please wins again, 26-24! Can they be stopped? Find out next week when they play Victorious Secret in what should be the game of the night!

After the games, make sure to head on over to Moontower for some more socializing and drink-a-lizing! $2 Bud Light is on the menu, exclusively for Austin Sports and Social players when you wear your league shirt! Week six is next week! Which teams are playoff bound? Stay tuned!


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