Monday Indoor Soccer: Week Two is Heating Up!

Guys, the competition is fierce this season! Has anybody reminded y’all to keep it social lately? Well, just in case: KEEP IT SOCIAL!

First game of the night: ABCDE FC versus Victorious Secret. Once again, it was no secret who would be victorious in this match. With ABCDE FC coming into the game with only three players, VS was already at an advantage. Unable to recruit a fourth player, ABCDE FC was handed a serious spanking, 12-24. Is there anybody out there who can put an end to Victorious Secret’s winning streak? Game two featured Hot Shots against them good ol’ Sons of Pitches. The match started off great with tons of goals made from half court! Hot Shots was looking hot as they lead the first half 12-9! Unfortunately, Hot Shots gave it all they had in the first half. They lost steam really quickly, started slipping, and lost by 12! Sons of Pitches takes home the win 24-12! The third game of the night was intense! Like, scary intense! Like, maybe take it down a couple notches, intense! Off To Monkeys and Oh Pitch Please were determined to give it all they had. This was a match where one goal was quickly answered with another goal from the opposing team. Tied at the half, 7-7, it was obvious both teams were going to play relentlessly. Each team scored scored six more goals and ended the game in a tie, 13-13. It was a great match, but next time make sure to leave your slide tackles at home, please!

The last game of the night is a great example of friendly competition and keeping it social! Man Chest Hair United faced off against Nice Ball Walter, and boy do both of those teams know how to play! Man Chest Hair United came out with guns blazing, but it wasn’t anything Nice Ball Walter couldn’t handle. Nice Ball Walter only had four players the entire night, and managed to keep up with the level of intensity that was thrown at them. Strategy was key in this game, as both teams made sure to showcase their ladies, allowing for a majority of the points to be scored by them. As our lovely official of the evening, Dani, put it, “yay girl power!” Just when you though the story was over, there’s a plot twist: Nice Ball Walter came back and stole the show, 26-18! Way to go to all the players!

In case you can’t get enough soccer, registration is now open for outdoor soccer! That’s right, the warm weather will soon be upon us, and that means OUTDOOR SEASON IS BACK!! Register now for early bird prices! See ya next week!

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