Monday Night Indoor Soccer Season Opener, In the Books!

Monday night’s season opener brought in a lot of new faces, which means new competition to look out for! Victorious Secret let the cat out of the bag early and showed that it would be no secret that they came to win! They kicked off the season with a 23-13 victory against Hot Shots. Maybe Hot Shots are just getting warmed up… for now, we’ll call them Warm Shots! The second game of the evening was a nail biter as Nice Ball Walter squared off against Off To Monkeys. With both teams matching goal for goal, this game could have easily ended in a tie, but Nice Ball Walter wasn’t having it and scored one more for good measure. Nice Ball Walter wins, 15-14. The 8:30 game was the game of the night! Oh Pitch Please faced off against Man Chest Hair United and it was quite the tangle! Oh Pitch Please took the lead from the start, taking advantage of the girl goal rule, and left Man Chest Hair U in the 5-point deficit range multiple times in the first half. Man Chest Hair United stepped up their game in the second half, found their rhythm, and posed a threat to Pitch’s imminent win. Unfortunately for Man Chest Hair United, they lost by 1 goal, and Oh Pitch Please walked away with the win, 21-20. I guess you could say Man Chest Hair was one hair short of a win! The last game of the evening was played by Sons of Pitches and ABCDE FC. It was another high-scoring game, but Sons of Pitches ended up dominating 27-17.

After the games, the teams made their way over to Moontower to take advantage of the 2 dollar Budlight Specials! It was a great way for the new players to meet and socialize with their fellow soccer enthusiasts! This season looks like it is going to get interesting with the fierce competition, but as always LET’S KEEP IT SOCIAL!

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