Thursday Indoor Soccer: Kickin’ It Up A Notch!

Week five was underway this past Thursday at South Austin’s Soccer Zone, and all of the teams are getting eager for the championship playoffs that are two weeks away! So far it’s looking like Robots In Rowboats and The Winning 4mula have sealed their spots for the top two out of four positions that are playoff guaranteed. That means that the rest of the teams have to fight it out in week six to see who will be playoff eligible. This past week’s games seemed to be more socially-oriented rather than competitive, as all four games had a 5 to 6-point deficit in favor of one team over the other. Queen LaFifa and Robots in Rowboats were Thursday night’s opening game. There would be no throne for Queen LaFifa that night as Robots in Rowboats stole the show and handed Queen LaFifa a royal whooping, 32-26. The Winning 4mula really does have the stuff it takes to pull out a win every night they step onto the playing field (except in the case against a couple of Robots in Rowboats), because they handed Lone Star Quickness Club a quick loss, 19-14. Maybe y’all could share your winning formula with the rest of us?! The third game of the evening got a little heated between Rock Em Sock Em Robots and Just 4 Kicks. A couple robots must have had some technical malfunctions going on in their software because two wound up with cards in the colors of yellow and red! Remember folks, yellow cards mean you have to sit out and chill for a bit, and red means you’ve got to go! Keep it friendly, keep is social, and we can all have a good time! Ultimately, Rock Em Sock Em Robots got rocked by Just 4 Kicks, 27-21. Our last game of the evening had Spread the Cheeky playing against Tearing Up the Turf. This game was just what was needed to help bring the night to a good close. Apparently, Spread the Cheeky has enough players on their team to form two more teams, and they greatly outnumbered those on Tearing Up the Turf. Share the wealth, guys! There was a ton of laughing and jokes being cracked through out the game; it was a nice change of pace from the previous game. The first half ended with a score of 8-9 with Spread The Cheeky in the lead. In the second half, Tearing Up The Turf’s lack of players and stamina began to rear its ugly head, and Spread the Cheeky took advantage of slowly pulled away. Spread the Cheeky won the game with a final score of 19-14!

After the games, head over to Moontower to take advantage of the Austin Sports and Social Club happy hour drink specials! Thursday nights are $2-dollar Bud Lights all night! Also, make sure to check out for the latest news and registration announcements!

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