Thursday Indoor Soccer: Playoff Night at Soccer Zone!


Well, we’ve come a long way this past season and we finally made it to the playoffs. The top four teams that made the cut were The Winning 4mula, Just 4 Kicks, Robots in Rowboats, and Queen LaFifa. Tearing Up the Turf and Spread the Cheeky had an exhibition game at 9:45, but Tearing Up the Turf was a no-show.


The semifinals kicked off with an exciting start when The Winning 4mula faced off against Just 4 Kicks! The first half of the match was a battle! The Winning 4mula immediately took the lead and quickly went up by 5 goals. The lead didn’t last long, though. Just 4 Kicks scored a few female goals shortly before the end of the half to tie the game 10-10. In the second half, The Winning 4mula started out ahead again with a male goal followed by a female goal right out of the gates! Just 4 kicks was quick to tie the game back up and kept it that way until they finally took the lead, 16-15, with just minutes left. The Winning 4mula then scored a female goal and took back the lead with 2 minutes left. It was getting intense! Just 4 Kicks scrambled and managed to score a female goal of their own and again stole the the lead from The Winning 4mula with under 30 seconds left! The Winning 4mula rushed to take the kickoff and landed a shot with seconds left in the game! The whistle blew and the game ended in a tie, 18-18! The teams were going into a shootout. During the shoot out, The Winning 4mula made every shot, while Just 4 Kicks missed their first and third, ending the game with The Winning 4mula’s fourth shot. The Winning 4mula advances to the finals, 19-18!

The second game with Robots in Rowboats against Queen LaFifa was another good one! Robots and Robots had the lead the entire match, but Queen LaFifa was constantly on their heals, threatening a comeback. Unfortunately, the underdogs, Queen LaFifa, were unable to close the gap and steal the game. Robots in Rowboats won, 24-20, and advance to play The Winning 4mula in the championship game.

The number two seeded team, Robots in Rowboats, squared off for the final dance against the number one seed, The Winning 4mula. It was an intense match and both teams played extremely hard to earn the championship title for the season. Both teams battled it out and gave it everything they had, but on that Thursday night at Soccer Zone, a new champion would reign. Robots in Rowboats dethroned the season’s number one team, The Winning 4mula, 15-12! This game was not only incredible, competitively, but both teams exemplified the social aspect of the game: they congratulated each other on great shots and goals, high fived, and cheered each other on. Congratulations to the underdogs, Robots in Rowboats!


Thanks to all the players who participated this past season! It was a fun and exciting one! We look forward to seeing you guys next season and in our other Austin Sports and Social Club sports! Be sure to check out for our upcoming registration deadlines and spring sports!






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