Thursday Indoor Soccer: Robots, Queens, and 4mulas, Oh My!

Week two was filled with a lot of close games and some not so close games, but in the end all of the players had a great time and kept it social!

Lone Star Quickness Club played against a different set of robots this week: the Rock em Sock em Robots, to be exact. It was a high-scoring game for these two opponents, but in the end there could only be one winner…unless it’s a tie, but it wasn’t! Rock em Sock em Robots took the quickness out of the Lone Star Club, and rocked em 22-20. Game two of the evening had the veteran team Robots in Rowboats face off against Tearing Up the Turf. The Robots must have been oiled up tonight because they left no room for error and sent team Tearing Up the Turf home in a rowboat with a loss. Robots in Rowboats won 23-12!

Best match of the night goes to Spread the Cheeky versus Queen LaFifa. Talk about a neck and neck game! Right away both teams let their ladies take the lead in scoring goals: 2-0, 2-2, 4-2, 4-4…this is going to get exhausting! Queen LaFifa scored one more goal to try to pull away from the race, making it 6-4! Spread the Cheeky scored a few male goals, almost tying up the score, but Queen LaFifa’s momentum was too hot and they pulled ahead by 5! Score at the half was 11-7! The second half was an immediate role reversal, as Spread the Cheeky came back looking for some revenge. Well, they found it and tied the game up before you could even blink! With the score tied, Spread the Cheeky tried hard to pull away, but Queen LaFifa said “not today,” and put an end to the race 21-19! Both teams earned a couple nice cold ones after that and headed straight to Moontower for the after games happy hour!

The last game of the night was a bit of a blowout, to say the least. Just 4 Kicks played against The Winning 4mula, and once again, it was obvious who had the formula to win. The match started off with 3 on 4 because Just 4 Kicks didn’t have enough females, and The Winning 4mula took advantage of this power play. However, when it became evident that a blowout was on the horizon, The Winning 4mula backed off a bit to give the other team a chance. By half time, both teams really wanted to just have fun, so Just 4 Kicks ended up taking a forfeit in order to play with their extra man on for a 4 on 4 match. It was friendly and fun after it was all said and done. The Winning 4mula walked away with their second win of the season, 17-2.

Our postgame happy hour at Moontower featured live music and plenty of Budlight on draft! For only $2, the players drank to their hearts’ desire. As always, if you’ve had too much to drink, GetMe is at your service to get you home safely! Week 3 is right around the corner! Stay tuned!

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