Thursday Indoor Soccer: Who’s Going to the Ship?!

Last Thursday was the final week of regular season for indoor soccer over at Soccer Zone, and it could not have gone better! There were two super close games, one ending in a tie, and the other with the under dogs taking the lead in the last seconds of the game. If Thursday was any preview for what is to come in the playoffs, we are in for one exciting night!

The first game of the evening had Spread the Cheeky playing against Lone Star Quickness Club. This game was neck and neck the entire night with both teams emulating what we here at Austin Sports and Social Club constantly try to promote every game night: Keepin’ it social! When one player scored, their opponent would congratulate them, cheer for them, or even give them a high five!  The game ended in a tie, 18-18, and both teams walked away in great spirits having had too much fun the whole game.

Following Spread the Cheeky and Lone Star Quickness Club was Just 4 Kicks and Robots in Rowboats, in what has been deemed “best game of the night!” This game was extremely exciting and was never slow even for a moment. The whole game was back and forth with Just 4 Kicks leading the game most of the time, but Robots in Rowboats were always right behind them on their heals. In the second half, Robots were able to take the lead and hold on to it…but just barely. With only seconds left in the game, Just 4 Kicks was down by one goal; they would need a miracle to pull out the win. Well, they found their miracle in one of their female players who was able to score a game-changing, spectacular goal! Just 4 Kicks stole the lead and ended the game with a final score of 31-30! What. A. Game.

Rock em Sock em Robots played Queen LaFifa in the third game, and once again found themselves rocked and socked. Queen LaFifa outscored the Robots 11 to 0 in a shut out! Last but not least, Tearing Up the Turf faced off against The Winning 4mula. True to their formula, The Winning 4mula pulled out another victory, winning 22-12 in the final game of regular season and putting them at the number one seed for playoffs. What a great season and night to end on!

Now, for what you’ve all been waiting for…who made the cut? This coming Thursday is playoffs and we have the number one seed, The Winning 4mula, facing off against number four seed, Just 4 Kicks at 7:30, followed by number two seed, Robots in Rowboats, playing number three, Queen LaFifa at 8:15. Who will make it to the championship round? Head over to Soccer Zone to catch all the action!

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