Winter Indoor Soccer Season Is Here!

Thursday night’s indoor soccer season opener started off with a bang! Right off the bat we had newcomers Lonestar Quickness Club face off against an almost untouchable veteran team, Robots in Rowboats.

Robots in Rowboats came out strong, leading by 5 goals midway through the first half with a score of 7-1. Because Robots in Rowboats were leading by more than 5 points, the veterans had to play with a player down, allowing Lonestar Quickness Club to regroup. The rest of the first half consisted of Lonestar QC pressing and on the attack, which allowed them to score 5 more goals, but Robots’ defense was too strong and had an answer for almost every goal their opponent scored.  Robots in Rowboats kept the 5-point lead to the half, making the score 11-6.

Determined to show Robots in Rowboats what they’re made of, Lonestar Quickness Club came out strong in the second half and scored the first goal of the half. Now with only a 4-point deficit, Robots were finally able to put their fourth player back on the field, but was unsuccessful in widening the point gap again. Lonestar QC fought hard in an exciting second half and may have had Robots in Rowboats shaking in their robot boots as the point deficit kept getting smaller and smaller, while Lonestar’s momentum kept getting stronger and stronger. Lonestar Quickness Club was able to score 3 more goals in the second half, and only allowed Robots to score 3 goals, despite having their fourth player. The game ended in a tie, 14-14. It looks like Robots in Rowboats may have met their match!

It was a tough act to follow, but the next three games were equally as exciting and intense as the first! The Winning 4mula played team Queen LaFifa in an exchange of goals, and like their name suggests, The Winning 4mula must have had it that night because they won 20-16! The third game of the night was a blow out as Spread the Cheeky dominated Just 4 Kicks, 11-0. Ouch! Maybe next time, Kicks! The last game of the night was a show down between Tearing up the Turf and Rock em Sock em Robots. This was one of those games where the winner could not be easily determined until the second half and was the highest scoring game of the night. Well, the turf was tore up and the Robots got rocked and socked on this night, Tearing up the Turf won, 22-19!

After a long night of indoor soccer, the best place to celebrate victories (or drown your sorrows) is at Moontower! With $2 Budlight Specials, how could you not swing by for a couple rounds? Wear your shirt and show off your team pride, these specials run all week!



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