Can you dig it…or spike it…or block it….or set it? Then prove it!

Where were you Monday night? At South Austin Rec Center? Then you saw some awesome indoor volleyball you can share with all your V-Ball friends!

Big Tomorrow vs. Hit Heads: Amazing first set. BT’s team cohesion and court awareness keeps getting better week after week. They stepped up their game and were able to compete and challenge Hit Heads…and then it fell apart in the second set. In the end, HH’s skills were just a little too out of reach and they took the match in 2 games.

Planet Volleywood vs. Attack Pack: PV dominated the first set, leading the way to game point with AP only scoring 14 points. What should have been PV’s winning serve turned into a chance for AP to get back into the game. They closed the gap to within a point, 19-20. AP got a little too close for PV’s comfort, so they shut it down 21-19. The second set was filled with awesome rallies, great sets, and a lot of hustle. Planet Volleywood, learning their lesson after the first set, made it clear that they wouldn’t let Attack Pack close in on their lead. PV wins the second set 21-16. Awesome play by both teams!

Smashers vs. Hot Sets: All three sets went back and forth with great offensive plays on both sides of the net. Both teams had several 5-minute rallies to keep it going. In the second set, Hot Sets came back from a 5-point deficit to win 22-20. The final set was exciting to watch, as the teams went head to head, fighting for every point. It was non-stop action until the Smashers were able to bring it to a close, winning the game 15-13.

Another great night at the gym and then on to Doc’s on Congress to tip back a few $2 Bud Light Drafts and $7 pitchers to replay the night’s highlights. Just think, we get to do it all again next week…..see you then!





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