Where Can You Still Play Volleyball in the Rain? Indoors at Pan Am!!



It’s Wednesday night…..cold and wet outside…… but we don’t care…..we get to play volleyball at Pam Am inside!

All Sets Are Off v. Killing it: Solid match with long rallies. Killing It set up some serious walls at the net that made it really difficult for ASAO to overcome. With solid blocks all night, Killing It took both sets and didn’t look back!

Spikealogical Warfare v. Spikin Aces: Great 3-touch plays topped with killer spikes from SW left Spikin Aces scrambling for points. Fun game to watch, good sportsmanship all around as Spikealogical Warfare headed to Craftsman to celebrate their win dominant win! Yes!

Dirty Diggers v. FlickaDaWrist : More solid plays with 2 teams closely matched. First set was point for point matching with some long rallys and great saves. FlickaDaWrist pulled it out and rode that momentum into the second set, taking the big Dub-Ya! Great play!

New Kids on the Block v. Gryffitherin: This was our “David v Goliath” match up with New Kids trying to take down the mighty Gryffitherin team. Well…..it wasn’t to be on this night! New Kids tried every trick in the book but Gryffitherin had too many weapons. Great servers…..great setters….great spikers…..great blockers! Nothing got through and they took both sets decidedly to continue their winning streak. Whew!

All About that Ace v. Smash Squad: Once again we saw some close action in the opening set with both teams feeling each other out. All About that Ace took the first set in a close one but ran away with the second. They continue their solid play that has always seemed to keep them at the top of the standings, season after season!
Ballin’ Ain’t Easy v. Quabe Nachos: This was our closest match of the night with both sides taking a set apiece. Lots of great sportsmanship along with great play made these 2 teams an awesome watching party! It all came down to the third set with both teams just getting warmed up. Even with 3 lead changes, you never knew who would come out on top! In the end, Quabe Nachos took a serving run at the end to take the crown! What an awesome show!

It was a chilly night, but the shots and beers at Craftsman were keeping the players warm and cozy. Good vibe, positive spirits and another great ASSC night! Let’s do it all again next week!

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