Indoor Volleyball….Can you dig it….spike it…..block it?!

It’s Wednesday night… you know where your indoor volleyball is? At Round Rock Sports Center….that’s where!

Let’s get started with a spin of the giant color wheel to see tonight’s first matchup……..clickity, clickity, click. First spin comes up with Mean Green. Our next spin……clickity, clickity, click…..looks like it might be orange……nope purple it is……Powerful Purple that is!

In the match up of the secondary colors, Mean Green took on At Powerful Purple to see who would take home the Dub-Yah!

Powerful Purple lived up to their name tonight with their on point serves that were no match for Mean Green. Trying every trick in the book to win a single point, Mean Green came up a little shallow in the first game to take the loss. Powerful Purple never let up in the second set, serving 15 straight winners at one point to claim the match going away. Round Rock was draped in purple tonight!

The night’s closest matches of the night were between Set it…..and forget it and AT Block You Like a Hurricane. Set it was not intimidated by last season’s champs and kept it close before taking the first game in a close one. Never to stay down long, Hurricane stepped up their communication and defense to come back with a vengeance to even things up. Either that or Set it got tired of Hurricane’s traditional twirly dance thingy they roll out during games!

Time for a 3rd set showdown between 2 hungry teams…..let’s get it on! Neither team disappointed with some fierce rallies for each point. Great serves, great blocks and great dives on both sides of the net but Hurricane lived up to their reputation and took the 3rd and final set. Another victory….another dance…..another great night of indoor volleyball at RR!

Let’s do it all again next week at The Rock!



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