Look out…..you might break a nail!




Looking for some killer volleyball…..indoors….on Sunday night? Head over to ARC and your eyes will boggle once you walk in the door! People jumping, diving, sliding and balls, balls, balls everywhere! Here’s how it all went down:

First up, DodgeDipDive took on Los Frijoleros on court 2. DodgeDipDive did lots of dodging while Los Frijoleros took it to them! Great serves, blocks and kills for the bean team as they took both matches straight up 2-0. We are just getting fired up!

There must have been some big time mojo on Court 1 with all 3 matches going to a tie breaking 3rd set! No Diggity split sets with European Wax Center and the 3rd and final set was a doozy! Both teams were warmed up and had worked out their kinks to take this one to the last minute. European Wax Center prevailed with some nifty serving to take the dub-ya! Awesome games!

Who wants a Burrito? No Sets For You was trying to focus on volleyball instead of their culinary desires but lost another split set tie breaker. Both teams evenly matched and this one could have gone either way. Burrito put the hammer down in the last set and dominated the court to take the win. Awesome sportsmanship too!

With a team name like, You Won’t Like It When We Spike It, they had a lot to prove up against Sugar & Spike. Once again we saw both teams earning victories in the first 2 sets. Set 3 saw each team dig down and go for everything. Lots of digs and dives to keep the point going. Neither team let up until the last serve went over the net. When the smoke cleared, Sugar & Spike took the win in another close one. What’s going on at Court 1 tonight?!

Best match of the night though goes to Benny and the Set vs Lil Bump N Grind. Benny and the Sets was down 6 points in the third game and managed to have an awesome comeback to win the match! Even though Benny and the Sets signed up as a full team a lot of them didn’t know each other until Sunday night. Once they got on the court though, they were gellin’ like a felon! Great work!

Doc’s was hopping after the matches with some new faces to swap some new stories from their time on the courts. Lots of great sportsmanship to set the tone for the season. The best part…..we get to do it all again next week!

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