Monday Indoor Volleyball: No Politics Allowed!

It was a quick night on the courts at South Austin Rec on Monday night with only four games total. Even though it was a short night, there was plenty of excitement to go around!

Over on court one we had Block Party facing off against the Volley Outlaws in the biggest blowout of the night. The Volley Outlaws spiked their hearts out, while Block Party just came to party. The match was over in a quick two sets with Volley Outlaws taking home an easy win, 21-8, 21-9. Court two had a little bit more action with May the Spike Be With You going up against Hit It and Quit It. It was a valiant effort on May the Spike Be With You’s part, but the spike was, unfortunately, not on their side, and Hit It and Quit It did just that: they hit it…and quit it (21-11, 21-15).

The last games of the evening were filled with a lot of excitement, both the good kind and the not-so-good kind. Just the Tip went a couple rounds with 2 Bump Chumps over on court two. It was a friendly match with a lot of laughter, tons of great rallies, and more than just two bumps. The first set went to 2 Bump Chumps, 21-16. At the start of the second set, 2 Bump Chumps were trying to carry over their momentum from the first set and was able to take the lead early on, but an injury at the net lost them one of their stronger female hitters who had to sit the rest of the game out. Down one player, 2 Bump Chumps now had to readjust and find a new rhythm to help them pull it together. Just The Tip took advantage of the situation and was able to take the lead…for a while. Determined not to let their teammate’s injury be in vain, 2 Bump Chumps pulled it together and fought their way back to the top to win the second set 21-16! We’re all wishing a speedy recovery for 2 Bump Chumps!

Our game of the night goes to Wentwoodies versus Trump Nation! In the first set, Trump Nation came out strong taking an early lead but had Wentwoodies right on their heals who tied the game up for the first time at 8 all. Wentwoodies then took the lead and looked to be pulling ahead…but not for long. Trump Nation took a time out to regroup, which worked to their advantage; they were able to tie the game up 12-12. It was an exchange of spikes and great digs between the two teams with Trump Nation slowly starting to pull away, but Wentwoodies hitters were too strong for Trump Nation’s “wall” and were able to keep the game tied at 17. With Trump Nation feeling the heat, they were able to push three more points, pulling ahead 20-18 with game point in the bag. With only one more serve to go, Trump Nation sent the ball into the net, lost possession of the ball, and gave Wentwoodies the chance they needed. Wentwoodies pulled off the win with a final score of 22-20 in the first set! In the second set, Trump Nation came onto the court determined to not have a repeat of the first set. They were able to take a commanding lead early on and could see the finish line, 20-16. Not wanting to go into a third set, Wentwoodies utilized their timeout and were determined to not let Trump have their victory. They regrouped, refocused, and were able to tie the game up 20-20! Wentwoodies worked hard together, as a team, and were able to hold Trump Nation to 20 points and came back from a 4-point deficit to win the game 22-20! Talk about CLUTCH! After the game Trump Nation said that they should win every game simply because their name is Trump Nation. Apparently, the opposite is proving to be true and they should have picked a different name. Way to go Wentwoodies!

After the games, the players headed over to Craftsman for some tacos and $2 Bud Lights–just the stuff you need to recharge your batteries after a game or two of volleyball! See y’all next week!

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