Monday Indoor Volleyball: Hit It and Quit it like the Champs!


Last Monday was the last day of indoor volleyball at the South Austin Rec Center, and what a better way to end the season than with a little playoff action? The games were long, intense, and exciting, and the victories were well-deserved! Read on to see how the night played out (obviously the photo is the spoiler alert)!



We started the night off with top seeded team, Hit It & Quit It, facing off against fourth seeded team, May the Spike Be With You, in the first game of the semi finals. This match went three sets in an epic back-and-forth battle to keep us all on the edge of our seats! The first set left Hit it & Quit it scratching their heads as they fell to the number four team, 21 to 18. After a brief regroup in between sets, Hit it & Quit it showed us all why they’re the number one team. Hit it & Quit it redeemed themselves and spiked their way to a second-set win, 21-11, forcing a third set. As the match moved along, the intensity grew on both sides of the net. The set went point for point with Hit it & Quit it securing the lead and driving it home to advance to the finals 15 to 12!

On the other side of the court divider, Just the Tip and 2 Bump Chumps also went three rounds in their semi-final match up. Just like the game that was going on next to them, the lower seeded team, 2 Bump Chumps, was able to secure a win in the first set, 21 to 15! It’s no surprise, then, that Just The Tip also redeemed themselves and was able to pull out a win with the exact same score as the previous set, 21-15. Unlike the game that was going on on the other side of the divider, this match had an underdog victory. Using just the tip wasn’t enough for Just the Tip to pull out a win this time. 2 Bump Chumps was able to squeeze out a 15 to 11 victory and was moving on to the finals against the undefeated Hit it & Quit it!


Championship Round

The championship round was full of spikes that were hard enough to leave you bruised for days, blocks that were so impenetrable that Trump may want to take notes, and enough hustle to make your feet hurt! In the first set, Hit it & Quit it played almost to perfection!  They had some great blocks and were really able to handle all of the spikes that 2 Bump Chumps were sending over the net.  2 Bump Chumps played so scrappy! They hustled to every ball that came their way, had amazing combination dive plays, and just did everything they could to get the ball back over. Unfortunately for 2 Bump Chumps, fewer errors on Hit it & Quit it’s part outperformed 2 Bump Chump’s scrappiness. Hit it & Quit it took the first set 21-18!

The second set started off with a bang when Hit it & Quit it came out of the gates on a scoring streak that left 2 Bump Chumps in the dust. 2 Bump Chumps was able to capitalize on multiple spikes in order to close in on the gap, but in the end Hit It & Quit It was able to return almost everything that came their way with control and good old-fashioned fundamental volleyball skills. Hit it & Quit it sealed their win with a 21-18 victory and maintained their undefeated record and was able to raise the championship banner high!


Super awesome season, y’all! Thank you to all the ASSC players who showed up every week in this long season!  Monday nights are moving to our central location at Pan Am, and today is the last day to sign up your team…otherwise, you have to wait ’til next season! Head over to now to sign up!

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