Monday Indoor Volleyball: The Spikes Just Keep On Coming!

We’re only at week four for indoor volleyball at South Austin Rec Center, and we just can’t get enough! What a better way to fight the Monday blues away than to wind your night down with some volleyball action with your friends! This past Monday was laid back, smooth sailing, and a great time with two games on two courts. Our openers of the night on court one were Trump Nation and Hit It & Quit It–basically, the defeated team against the undefeated team. What do you think happened? Hit It & Quit It took Trump Nation through two rounds, easily sending them home with their fourth loss, 21-12 and 21-16. Hit It & Quit It remains on top, and Trump Nation is still looking for their first win. If only all of our politics could be solved by playing volleyball…if only. Court two’s opener had Just The Tip going up against the Volley Outlaws in the game of the night. In the first set, Just The Tip established their dominance immediately and caught the Volley Outlaws on their heals. It was an easy win for Just The Tip when the Outlaws brought nothing to the court but their pretty faces, and Just The Tip’s service game was on point. Just The Tip took the first set 21-11. Going into the second set, Volley Outlaws stepped their game up; they buckled down and went back to basic volleyball 101, and we finally had a game on our hands! There was a good exchange of volleys between the two teams, but it ultimately boiled down to the game being tied at 20-20 with the last two possessions falling in favor of the Volley Outlaws. The third set, once again, started off with Just The Tip taking the lead and finding Volley Outlaws stuck on their heals, but Volley Outlaws quickly regrouped and was able to catch up. There were some great blocks on Volley Outlaws’ part, but there were some even greater spikes from Just The Tip. Playing with a woman (or man) down the entire night, Just The Tip won the third set, 15-12.

The second games of the night had Block Party facing off against 2 Bump Chumps in an exciting two-set match. 2 Bump Chumps dominated Block Party in the first set, winning 21-10. Things looked quite different in the second set, with 2 Bump Chumps thinking they had the game in the bag. Block Party decided to show up and take the game all the way to a tie at 22-22! Where the heck did that come from? It was a scrappy second set, but 2 Bump Chumps were not going to be played for chumps. They ended up winning the second set, 24-22. Awesome effort on Block Party’s part! Maybe bring your A-game earlier next time so you guys can bring the heat when y’all face off against the undefeated Hit It & Quit It! Over on court two, May The Spike Be With You had a show down with Wentwoodies in a relatively quick match. This was one of those games where the planets aligned and the volleyball gods showed their favor to May The Spike Be With You, or in this case, the spike was with them. They defeated Wentwoodies in two sets, 21-17 and 21-16.

Well, that’s it for now. There’s two weeks of indoor play left before the playoffs, so that means there’s still time for teams to make moves into the top four in order to be eligible. Stay tuned! In the meantime, be sure to stop by Craftsman after the games to chow down on some tacos and take advantage of the $2-dollar Bud Light special to wash them down!

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