Pan Am Volleyball: Blood, Sweat, and…Goodwill?

This indoor volleyball season is starting to round the corner towards the finish line with only one week left in the regular season. With only four teams signed up and playing each other every week, the competition is intense and the socializing is fierce! Stop by Pan Am to catch the games and then meet up with the teams and officials at Craftsman after for some delicious tacos and cheap Austin Sports and Social Club happy hour drink specials!



Week five’s “Game of the Night” features our second and third ranked teams: FineAnotherShirtForTheGoodwill versus What’s Your Bloodtype?


This was an exciting back-and-forth match that kept everybody on their toes. There were long rallies, great serves, several amazing hustle plays, and tons of fun! FineAnotherShirtForTheGoodwill took the first set pretty easily, but What’s Your Blood Type fought back strong in set numero dos, including a mega scoring rally toward the end. In the third set, FineAnotherShirtForTheGoodwill looked like they had it wrapped up at 14-11, match point, when What’s Your Blood Type used their last timeout.


Perfect. Icing.


FineAnotherShirtForTheGoodwill was iced and had to side out, giving What’s Your Blood Type one last chance to stay in the game. What’s Your Blood Type managed to go on a 3-point run to tie the game up, 14-14!  FineAnotherShirtForTheGoodwill, showing grit, halted the run, got the ball back, and put an end to the match at 16-14!


What! A! Game!

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