Playoff Volleyball….inside…..where it’s warm!


First round of playoffs started off with a bang! Both courts had some intense and exciting games. It was impossible to watch just one game. Every team was hungry to advance to the semis, and they left all their heart and hustle on the courts. Quake Nachos played with a man down against Spike-a-logical Warfare which proved to be advantageous to their victory. All About that Ace and Flickadawrist went back and forth in an exchange of blocks and spikes, but it was long shots and bad serves that put an end to AATA’s race to the finals. Both matches in the first round ended in upsets so it’s all up for grabs!

Semi-finals were matched with equal intensity. Flickadawrist, still hungry for more, faced off against the number 1 seed, Killing It. It was a scrappy game with Killing It trailing by at least half of Flicka’s score, and just when you thought it was over, Killing It would go on a double digit run to tie up the game. Flickadawrist was on fire and showed no signs of stopping. In an unbelievable upset, Killing It just couldn’t get their passes under control, and Flickadawrist advanced to the Championship round in two sets!

On the other court, Number 6 seed Quabe Nacos faced off with number 2 seed, All Sets Are Off. What seemed to be Quabe’s advantage of being down a player in the first round, turned into their weakness against All Sets Are Off. All Sets Are Off found all the open spots on the court and let it rain. Quabe Nachos didn’t go down without a fight though. The teams went three rounds, and QN’s sixth player showed up for reinforcement, but it was too little too late. All Sets Are Off advanced to the Championship round to face off with underdogs Flickadawrist.

Just when you thought the night couldn’t get any more exciting, Flickadawrist took the first set, easily, winning 21-11. ASAO quickly regrouped and realized this game wasn’t going to be an easy win, so they pushed back in the second set with sneaky tips over the net and great court awareness. Flicka didn’t make it easy for them, but ASAO took the second set 21-17. Third and final set was everything you could hope it would be! The race to the finish line was neck and neck with the game being tied point for point. It all boiled down to the cap point at 17. Anticipation and nerves were high, and everybody was holding their breath. Flicka took possession of the ball and just needed to keep it in bounds. Flicka serves, ASAO returns the ball with a three-touch play; pass, set, and a roll shot over ASAO’s left block, the ball drops right behind him with nobody to cover. The game is over! Flickadawrist went from worst to first to take it all! What a night!!

The party didn’t stop there with everyone headed over to Craftsman to top off the night. Lots of highlights, close calls and incredible saves to reflect on as the night wore on. The best part is the next season is just around the corner and we get to do it all again! Awesome!!

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