Sunday Indoor Volleyball: Ace, Ace, Baby!

Week Five

This past Sunday had some really exciting volleyball games over at the Austin Rec Center. Bump Around 2.0 took Hits For Brains to school in two sets, winning 21-12 and 21-17 on court one. Court two had a similar show with Fantastic Sets and Where to Spike Them playing against Kiss My Ace, but Kiss My Ace definitely made Fantastic Sets work for it. Kiss My Ace took a 6-2 lead early in the first set, but Fantastic Sets was able to tie the game at 7-7 before they went on a 5-point run. Kiss My Ace took a time out to try to regroup, but was ultimately only able to score 3 more points before Fantastic Sets spiked their way to the first win of the match 21-10. The second set had a similar feel about it as Kiss My Ace, once again, took a 7-3 lead against Fantastic Sets and Where to Spike Them. Just like the first set, Fantastic Sets and Where to Spike Them was able to tie the game up at 8-all. The rallies from that point on were intense, and the hustle was undeniable as both teams exchanged point for point up to 13-13. Fantastic Sets and Where to Spike Them scored five more points before Kiss My Ace took their time out to try to ice their opponent’s server. The time out still did no good, and Fantastic Sets finished off the game 21-13.


Back on court one, Block Heads played against Death at the Net in game two of the evening. Block Heads took Death at the Net out in two sets, improving their record to 1-4. There was more excitement over on court two with Setsual Healing playing against Aces in what I have decided to be worthy of the title “game of the night.” As the weeks have gone by, poor Setsual Healing’s team has slowly been diminishing one player at a time. This past week, they were able to get four players on the court, which is the bare minimum allowed to avoid a forfeit. As the saying goes, “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog,” and this team, most definitely the underdogs, came out and fought hard. In the first set, it took a bit of strategizing and adjustment for Setsual Healing to compete with Aces, but they stuck it out and was able to stay in the game. They lost the first set 19-21, with the errors being mostly due to their two ghost players. In the second set, Setsual Healing came out strong and confident, realizing that they actually had a chance to win. With four players, they made it look easy and was able to win 21-14! Going into the third set, the outcome really could go either way, but it would seem as if Setsual Healing gave it their all in the first two sets and slowly lost their momentum. Aces was able to pull out the win 15-8, taking home the W for the match. Setsual Healing is 0-5, and Aces’ win has put them in a 5-way tie at 4-1.



The last game of the night was another exciting one from start to finish. European Wax Center duked it out with Two Blocks Away in a spike-a-thon to say the least! Set one had an even exchange of points between the two teams with Two Blocks Away taking the lead and holding onto it. European Wax Center called a time out at 16-13 to catch their breath and regroup. If they wanted to win, they would have to reduce their errors and keep the ball out of the net. The game’s intensity went up a couple notches as there were way too many spikes back and forth to keep count. It was an awesome rally at 19-17, with Two Blocks Away in the lead, but European Wax Center laid down a killer spike that was undiggable. The score is now 19-18. There was more of the same intense back and forth to tie the game up at 20-20 with European Wax Center up to serve. After that, it was smooth sailing for European Wax Center. They won the last two points on their serves, 22-20. After both teams switched sides, it was time for the second set. European Wax Center took a small lead before Two Blocks Away was able to tie the game up 5-5 with a solid block by their outside hitter. Unfortunately, the second set dwindled a bit as the game went on. Two Blocks Away started getting sloppy with their spikes and started sending too many balls out of bounds. With too many errors on Two Blocks Away’s part, and European Wax Center’s game (and spikes) getting stronger, the set was over at 21-10.  European Wax Center is in the middle of the 5-way tie with their record at 4-1, and Two Blocks Away is at 3-2.


Next week is the final week before playoffs. There are five teams sitting at a tie with records of 4-1, so anything is possible! We have Hits For Brains playing European Wax Center, and Death at the Net playing Kiss My Ace in the first games on Sunday. Game two has Aces facing off against Fantastic Sets and Where to Spike Them, and Two Blocks Away playing against Bump Around 2.0, followed by Block Heads and Setsual Healing closing out the night. Games start at 6:15! Good luck!



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