Sunday Indoor Volleyball: Calm Before the Playoff Storm

Week Six

It was a pretty slow night at the Austin Rec Center for week six of indoor volleyball. We started and ended the night with forfeits from two different teams either not showing up or not having enough players.


European Wax Center sent Hits for Brains home in an easy two sets to open up the night. The second matches of the evening were both exciting! It was hard to focus on just one game, so sitting in the middle where you could view both courts was the best seat of the house! Over on court one, Two Blocks Away played Bump Around 2.0 in an intense 3 sets, and Aces played Fantastic Sets and Where to Spike Them in a close two sets on court two. Bump Around 2.0 were not joking around when they came to play. They handed Two Blocks Away a swift 21-8 loss in the first set. Two Blocks Away dusted their kneepads off and walked back onto the court ready for round two. This time, Two Blocks Away turned up the intensity and set their front row and back row players up for some killer spikes! Two Blocks Away was unrelentless in their 21-16 second-set victory against Bump Around 2.0, and looked hungry for more going to the third. Bump Around 2.0 and Two Blocks Away had long and loud rallies in the third set. Both teams played scrappy, and both teams wanted that win. Bump Around 2.0 was able to outscore Two Blocks away 15-8 in the final set!

Court two was a clash of the green teams with Aces rocking their lime shirts, and Fantastic Sets and Where to Spike Them donning their Irish greens. Fantastic Sets was the team favored to win in the match, but Aces gave them a run for their money! Playing with a man down is never easy, but Aces make it look advantageous to their strategy. The only downfall for Aces in the first set were the two ghost points that they lost due to rotation. The first set had great rallies with a lot of hustle on both sides of the net. Fantastic Sets and Where to Spike Them beat Aces 21-19. In the second set, Fantastic Sets and Where to Spike Them found Aces looking a bit tired from their first game and kept an eye on the empty space void of a volleyball player. Fantastic Sets took full advantage and spiked their way to victory, 21-16.

Well, that was all the excitement for week six. European Wax Center plays Kiss My Ace in the first round of playoffs on court one. Bump Around 2.0 is looking for revenge against Fantastic Sets and Where to Spike Them on court two. Which two teams will play for the championship title? Stay tuned!

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