Sunday Indoor Volleyball: Setting You Up for a Great Time!

Week five is now in the books, and this past Sunday was a mellow night with a lot of laughs and fun volleyball games. There was a lot of good, fundamental volleyball being played on both courts.

Our first game of the evening on court one had us all seeing lots of pink: Death at the Net in azalea, and Bump Around 2.0 in light pink. The two teams had an exchange of volleys, but the clash of pink was over before it even got started. Bump Around 2.0 took home the win in two sets, 21-10, 21-6. Court two had an exciting first game with Aces going up against Hits for Brains. The first set had a lot of back and forth plays with both teams fighting for the lead, but it was Hits for Brains’ enthusiasm and teamwork that helped them pull off the win for the first set, 21-17. Aces came back with a vengeance in the second set and dominated with easy tips over the defense, leaving Hits for Brains scrambling to make plays. Aces stole the second set 21-9. Coming into the third set, Hits for Brains readjusted their game plan and picked themselves up after their brutal loss in the second set. They brought the heat and made Aces fight for every point they scored. There were some intense plays that had both teams diving and sliding across the floor, but at the end of the day Aces were still able to maintain better court awareness and found the weak spots to score on Hits for Brains, winning 15-11.

The second games of the evening featured Two Blocks Away versus Fantastic Sets and Where to Spike Them, and Block Heads versus European Wax Center. Both games were a bit lop-sided with FSWST and EWC favored to win. Both teams also consist of veteran ASSC volleyball players who are going up against teams with fresh faces who may be a bit wet behind the ear. That’s not to say that Two Blocks Away and Block Heads didn’t go down without a fight, though! Two Blocks Away was able to get their hands on a lot of Fantastic Sets’ fantastic spikes, but they went up against a team who runs plays in their sleep. Fantastic Sets and Where to Spike Them took the game in two sets, 21-12, 21-10. The same story can be said of Block Heads against European Wax Center: veterans versus rookies. It was an easy match for European Wax Center, who took the game in two sets, but the heart and determination of team Block Heads is what really made the match exciting. In the first set, Block Heads were able to score double digits against EWC and actually forced them to take the game seriously. Block Heads gave EWC a run for their money, but couldn’t push past the 15-point mark. EWC took the first set 21-15. The second set was dominated by European Wax Center who kept the lead out of the gate with nothing less than a 9-point deficit. However, Block Heads fought and earned each point they scored, and their heart and determination is definitely mention-worthy. Give this team a couple more seasons to play together, and they will be playing with the big dogs! European Wax Center won the second set 21-8.

The last game of the evening was Kiss My Ace against Setsual Healing. This game had a ton of awesome rallies with spectacular saves! Players were making diving saves and showing off their soccer skills by keeping the ball in play with foot touches. Both teams were a great match up, skill-wise. For every spike one side sent over, the other side was in position and ready for a dig. If a block was put up, there was always somebody there to cover the dinks. The determining factor of which team would come out on top boiled down to communication. The more a team communicated, the fewer dropped balls there would be. In this case, Setsual Healing let too many balls fall in between players because the cat got their tongue. Kiss My Ace took the match in two sets, 21-14, 21-13.

After the games, the players met up at Gourdough’s to take advantage of their Austin Sports and Social $2 Budlight specials…and to eat amazing donut concoctions of course! There’s still a few more weeks in the season left, so teams still have a chance to make their way into the playoffs. Next week is Super Bowl, so there won’t be any games at Austin Rec that night. Make sure to check out for the latest registration announcements; outdoor season is right around the corner!

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