Wanna Learn How To Dig It….Spike It….Block It? We Can Show You How!!


After these matches tonight, there was lots of blood, sweat, tears and even some skin left on the Pan Am volleyball courts! Let’s check it……

First up…New Kids on the Block went up against Dirty Diggers in the opening match. Diggers did just that and took the first game in a close one. New Kids on the Block came back strong to take the second game. All tied up……both teams warmed up….servers getting more consistent…..communication was at it’s peak….. who’s going to take the 3rd and final game? Mega tons of rallys back and forth with lots of defensive dives and digs! Throw in some awesome blocks and it was too close to call right up until the end. Dirty Diggers rallied late to take the 3rd and final set. Whew…..great game!

Smash Squad was on the receiving end of the smashes on this night. FlickaDaWrist could not be stopped, taking straight sets without a doubt. FlickaDaWrist is a force to be reckoned with and kept up their momentum in their next match up with Ballin’ Ain’t Easy. Same court….same result! Winner, winner….chicken dinner for FlickaDaWrist taking down Ballin’ in straight sets. Awesome display!

Spike-A-Logical Warfare came with their best strategy when taking on Quabe Nachos on court 1. Spike-A-Logical Warfare communicated well and anticipated their next moves without a hitch. Nachos never seemed to get going dropping both sets and wondering how it all happened. They will be back though and so will we!

In the next round, Killing It took on All About That Ace in the 8:50pm game. Killing It lived up to it’s name with some aggressive play from every player when it counted most. All About that Ace had 2 hard fought games but came up just short in each battle. Killing It came out on top taking both sets for a big win!

Best game of the night was the 8:50 game on court 2. All Sets Are Off went up against Gryffitherin. It was a great match both ways but All Sets Are Off had some heavy hitters so it was tough to keep up, but Gryffitherin had some good defense to keep it close. Although All Sets Are Off took both sets, the play was closer than the score. Great game!

After the games, the crew headed over to Craftsman for $2 Bud Lights and lots of stories to tell and challenges to throw down. The best part is we all get to do it all over again next week….come join us!


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