Wednesday Indoor Volleyball: It’s An All-Out Spikalogical Warfare!


Congratulations to Spikalogical Warfare who was the number three seeded team in the playoffs that took on number two ranked DigPicts in the semi-finals, and upset them in 2 sets to 0! They met up with the fourth seeded team, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, in the championship round. Team Yeah Yeah Yeah beat the number one seeded team, Flicka Da Wrist, in an upset in the semi-finals 2 sets to 0.

In the championship game, Yeah Yeah Yeah versus Spikalogical Warfare, team Yeah Yeah Yeah came out strong early in the first set and continued to increase that lead the whole time with amazing sets and powerful spikes. By the end of the first set, YYY was up 21-13. The second set was all about Spikalogical Warfare. Their team work was amazing and they had some really impressive saves! Spikalogical Warfare was able to turn the tables on Yeah Yeah Yeah and come out on top, winning 21-14! The teams are tied 1-1 in the match, the third set would determine the champion. Spikalogical Warfare carried over their momentum from the second set and dominated in the third. Their first server, alone, scored 13 points on aces and shanks before Yeah Yeah Yeah was able to put a stop to the bleeding and actually return the serve. Spikalogical Warfare dominated Yeah Yeah Yeah in an easy 15 to 1 set.

Their record was 5 -1 during the season, and they came out every week playing their hardest and had a blast. Spikalogical Warfare was also the team you could find hanging out at Craftsman after the games and were always welcoming to join them at their table! They were well-deserving of the championship title!

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