Wednesday IVB Playoffs…Not What You Expected!

The playoffs on Wednesday night at Pan Am were quite exciting and took a total unexpected turn on the “road” to the championship game. Keep on reading to see how the events unfolded!





The top four teams to make it to the playoffs were the undefeated Los Seis Tacos, Blockmanity, Flickadawrist, and Cool Rubbings. Blockmanity and Flickadawrist, the number two and three seeds, squared off in a pretty lopsided battle that went full tilt in favor of Blockmanity. The battle was over before it even began. Blockmanity blocked and spiked their way to the championship round to await their anticipated opponent, Los Seis Tacos.


However, in an exciting and interesting turn of events, despite being ranked the top seed going into tonight’s matches, Los Seis Tacos did not have what it takes tonight. In their match against Cool Rubbings, both teams were short a person to begin. Cool Rubbings would not have a sixth player all night.


The first set was a warm-up for both teams as the servers had to find their rhythms, hustle was not ready, and communication barely there. The first set went to Cool Rubbings. Los Seis Tacos knew the second set was a must-win. They hustled like mad, made great saves at the net, and landed some unbelievably good serves. Los Seis Tacos took the second set, 21-14, to tie up the series! The third set was absolutely epic! It went all the way! Bodies on the floor, serves finding all the nooks and requiring diligence, blocks, counter-blocks, digs, screams, high-fives, high-tens. The last set is tied up 16-16, with only one point left to determine who will advance, and Cool Rubbings in possession–their fate is literally in their hands! Cool Rubbings kept their cool and finally found the winning point, 17-16!


Both sides congratulated each other on a fantastic match, and Cool Rubbings advanced to the final round to face off against Blockmanity in a COOOOOOL beatdown, still only 5 players strong! COOL RUBBINGS TAKES THE WIN TO HOIST THE CHAMPIONSHIP BANNER!


Congratulations, ya cool kids!


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