Who’s Hungry For a Win? Take a bite…it’s Spikalicious


Every Monday night SARC serves up some indoor volleyball and here’s what went down before the big Turkey Day!

Spike-ahontas vs. Single and Ready for Pringles: Awesome match up with evenly-skilled players on both sides of the net. The first set was a race to the finish line as it was neck and neck from the first whistle with both teams swapping the lead. Spike-ahontas’ front line was a wall that was a challenge for Single Pringles to break through, and they had key spikes that led them to victory in the first set (23-21). Unfortunately for Spike-ahontas, it looked like they burned up all their fuel in the first set, resulting in an easy 21-11 win for Single Pringles in the second. Single Pringles carried their momentum into the third set, and stomped Spike-hontas 15-5. Wow!!

Hunchblock of Notre Dame vs Hot Sets: Best match of the night with the most advanced teams facing off! It was an exciting first set as both teams played point for point against each other. It was a fast-paced, high intensity game that left the spectators unsure of who would win the set. With the score tied at 23, Hot Sets took possession of the ball and scored the final two points off serve-receive errors. Hunchblock came into the second set wanting revenge. It was another close set with both teams fighting for the lead, but Hunchblock pulled away at 15 points, leaving Hot Sets behind with a loss 12-15. The third set of the match was a repeat of the first set: fast-paced, high intensity, scrappy plays, and big hits. Every other play was a tied game, but in the end there could only be one winner, Hot Sets took home the W, 15-13. Awesomeness!!

Gourdough’s was the place to be after the last spike was put down. A few brews to tip back and challenges thrown down for next week. Come check it out and make sure you know how to duck!!

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