What has a ball, 4 bases, a pitcher and catcher but no bat……Kickball!!

Looking for a great vibe with some great action……head out to Moya on Thursday nights for some kickball action and you won’t be disappointed! Under the lights with the feel and smell of fall in the air, what a great way to welcome in autumn in Austin!

In one of the night’s earlier games, Balls and Dolls took on Brew Ballers (also know as the night’s Balls vs Balls match!) Balls and Dolls lined up too many heavy kickers and took down the Brew Ballers 9-2. Balls and Dolls brought in too many heavy kickers who were no match for the Brew Ballers on this night.

In the night’s next matchup, Drinking Team with a Kicking Problem definitely saw their share of problems after getting whupped 3-14 by I’d hit that. Drinking Team watched too many kickers cross the plate to put up much of a defense and it was all over before they knew what hit them! I’d hit that couldn’t be stopped tonight!

In another drinking themed matchup, Kick-a-holics took on Brew Ballers to see who could put up the best diamond defense. In a low scoring game, Brew Ballers barely edged the holics 3-1 in an excellent defensive showdown. Not many runs scored but Brew Ballers took whatever they could get to take a squeaker!

To continue the intoxicated team naming battle, Drunk Again and Looking to Score played YETI Custom Shop in one of the night’s later games. YETI might be “Built for the Wild” but they weren’t built for tonight’s win against the powerful Drunk Again squad. Once again, if your team name involves drinking or drunkenness……..you were winners on this night! Drunk Again took it to YETI 14-2 when it was all said and done. Wow….another awesome night on the diamond!

After the games, Lustre was the place to be for Happy Hour. Lots of new players, teams and friendships built on this night! No doubt this season kicked off to a great start with awesome drink and food deals all around…….we can’t wait to do it all again next week. Kickball forever!



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