Ballkick or Kickball? Let’s find out………



Kickball: NOUN

North American

  • [mass noun] An informal game combining elements of baseball and soccer, in which a soccer ball is thrown to a person who kicks it and proceeds to run the bases.

    Looking for some kickball action on a Tuesday night? Head over to Gillis Park and you’ve hit the mother lode! Here’s the night’s breakdown on the diamond:

Dunder took on Kickin’ Grass and took the win going away. Kickin’ managed a couple of runs early but it was all Dunder’s game, scoring a whopping 14 trips around the bases. Powerful offense with a rock solid defense made it look easy for the defending champs!

Next matchup saw Kicks out for Harambe take on 4th base, who was looking for any kind of run scored. Kick out for Harambe held tough and posted up 4 runs while holding off Kicks from every crossing home. Can you say skunk?

In another lopsided victory, Bases May Not Be Loaded actually went against their own team name……they did indeed keep their bases loaded…..again and again! The racked up 11 runs while holding Ace of 2nd Base to only 2. Great win for Bases May Not Be Loaded!

Pitches and Cream faced off against Sit on my Base for what started out as a close game. Both teams scored runs early but Sit on my Base broke through with 3 extra runs late. They took the win at 6-3 in the last inning. Exciting game!

In another awesome match up, Coming in Hot took on Win or Lose and it all came down to the wire. Both teams tied in the bottom of the last inning with 2 outs. Last and final player is up at the plate and kicks a whopper that brings in the winning run……it doesn’t get much better than this! Awesome!!

In the game of the night, defending champs Dunder took on Primetime. Dunder has always had the upper hand when these 2 teams meet up but there was something different in the air on Tuesday night. David vs Goliath all over again! Primetime fell behind early and it felt like Groundhog Day all over again! All was not lost when they managed to tie it up at 2-2. The Gods were with them when Primetime squeaked in 1 more run to take a wild victory by 3-2! This is why we make it out to Gillis Park on Tuesday nights……to see some awesome kickball in Austin!

The fun didn’t stop there……Doc’s hosted another super happy hour where stories were swapped and challenges thrown down for the next game. Still looking for some action? ….. come join us again next week and you’ll find it!

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