It was a Crunktastic Tuesday at Gillis!

Week Three




In a night of blowouts across the board, All My pitches Love Me and Crunktastic had a great time in the final game of the night. Crunktastic was winless this season but put together a hell of a comeback. Down 4-1 to start the game, Crunktastic mounted a comeback with the chipping a little off the top method. They scratched and clawed their way back with two runs at a time and eventually took the game 11-5!


Even though they haven’t won a game or even scored a run, Joel Ray Salon still came out in full force and played their hearts out in both games!

These guys (and gals) have come out every week sporting the best attitudes and are just an overall nice and fun team that definitely deserves some recognition and a lil shout out!

Thanks, Joel Ray Salon for always keepin’ it social!






More Scores

In case you forgot how your team fared out in week three, look no further than the next few lines!



Red Balls and Vodka  3 AT PrimeTime 7

Joel Ray Salon 0 AT Drinkers with a Kicking Problem  10

Das Boot  1 AT Sit On My Base  7

Crunk Kickers 15 AT Joel Ray Salon  0

Rubber Busters 2 AT Dude, Where’s My Dunder?  13

Crunktastic  11 AT All My Pitches Love Me  5


Austin Sports and Social Club Happy Hour


The night wouldn’t be complete if you don’t make your way over to the hottest happy hour ASSC has right now! Toss Pizzeria is where you can find a sea of Austin Sports and Social Club players from all different sports, so get your butt over there and indulge in some of the best pizza and garlic knots in all of Austin, and wash it all down with $2 Bud Lights!

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