Drunk and Looking to Score?! Kickball scores…..that is!


Tuesday……Kickball …… Pan Am …… be there!! Let’s see what happened this week:

Drunk and Looking to Score was doing just that when they came across Spark Warrior who was up for the challenge. Nice, tight game in the first few innings. Singles pushed in by big kicks then a homer here and there. When it was all said and done, Spark Warriors didn’t quite have enough to take down Drunk and Looking to Score, taking the loss 4-9. Great game though!

Speaking of drinking, Booze on First went up against Bunt Rollaz in our next match up of the night. In a word……blowout! Bunt Rollaz rolled all over Booze on First 12-2. Booze on First might have been short on runs but they were loaded with sportsmanship and camaraderie….. great show!

Speaking of blowout…….The Funk Train was headed into the station and was carrying nothing but runs. Club Foot never had much of a chance against the heavy kickers of The Funk Train squeaking out only a couple of runs. All Aboard!! Whew, Whew ….. 12 runs for the win.

Most exciting game of the night goes to I Feel Like a Schoolboy Again picking a schoolyard fight with Kickaholics. Quite the challenge to go up against the big boys but Schoolboy held their own. Early innings saw a tight match….each scoring a couple of runs apiece with the offenses opening up.  When the dust cleared, Kickaholics had rounded the bases 6 times leaving I Feel Like a Schoolboy Again with only 4. Awesome game!

Craftsman was a great happy hour host, as always where lots of players stayed to watch the world series, play cornhole or just reminisce about the night’s highlights. Please join us again when we do it again next week!

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