Game 7 of the World Series or Kickball at SARC? No Brainer!!


ASSC Kickball league proved you can get in some World Series and kickball watching…..all in the same night! No Cubbies or Indians here but let’s take a look at our series lineups!

Liver Let Die got things started by taking on Kicking is Wrong on field 1. Both teams scored a couple of runs early but it was Liver Let Die that kept up the momentum into the late innings. They took the Dub-Ya at 8-2 on the diamond. Well done Livers!

Tears for Beers was penciled in for a double header first taking on Brews Ur Daddy in the earlier matchup. Early scoring from both sides kept this one close until the last inning. Brews Ur Daddy tacked on 3 more runs to seal the win at 5-2. After a tough loss in their opener, Tears for Beers went up against Shakicks in hopes of righting the ship. Something must have been in that Gatorade between games because Tears for Beers could not be stopped! Kick after kick… after run….it was a dizzying array of run scoring. Some of their players are still rounding the bases. Final tally……13-4! Wow!!

Game of the night was played between Menace 2 Sobriety and Zilker! I Just Met Her! It was close the entire game, with both teams trading runs for runs. Zilker’s defense held strong late in the game, squeezing out a tight win at 6-4. Another great game!

Happy Hour at Doc’s was definitely rockin! World Series on the telly and every table spoken for! Lots of brewskies tipped back and challenges for next week thrown down. The Wednesday night kickballers always know how to have fun….on and off the field! Let’s do it again next week!




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