Kickball and Toss-o Tuesdays!

This past Tuesday was…as the cool kids say, “lit!” There were tons of players and fans out at the fields! The sidelines were packed with screaming fanatics and family members alike. With so many games and fields, the vibe was buzzing with excitement! This week was week numero cuatro (number four), and man-oh-man did we have some great games! Teams who had never won began to taste the sweet taste of victory, and that livened up the mood even more!


What Up, Joel Ray Salon?


Joel Ray Salon came into their game against Crunktastic with 4 losses and exactly 0 runs on their record. Well, that all changed as the man himself, Joel, said before the game that he didn’t give a $#!% about the previous games and that they were in it to win it!


Joel Ray Salon put their money where their mouth was and scored 15 more runs than they had combined the whole season (15 runs), and blew Crunktastic out of the water, 15-3! Now they’re averaging 3 runs a game and sitting pretty at spot number 4 in their division. Will Joel Ray Salon continue on their up-and-up, or will they fall to team All My Pitches Love Me next week? Stay tuned!



Blooper of the Night!


Another team worth mentioning are the Proscorians. Proscorians won both of their games as they all of a sudden look like a team that no one will want to face. Their victories, however, are not the reason they get a shout out. Their most athletic girl had the blooper of the night, as she was caught off of base on a caught fly ball! Here’s how it went down:


The outfielder who caught the ball threw it all the way in, and by some blip in the time continuum, hit her on the fly. The throw was so forceful that when it hit her, she could not gather her balance and after 15 feet of stumbling and nearly falling, she crashed down into a group of her teammates with force. Instead of helping her, her entire team was laughing so hard that it took a few minutes for them to regroup and take the field! She was also laughing and there was no injury so it was an overall hilarious point in the game. Proscorians defeated Crunktastic, 6-1, and All My Pitches Love Me, 11-6!



Toss-O Tuesdays!

When you live in Austin, Texas, Tuesdays are always and automatically “Taco Tuesdays.” However, we at Austin Sports and Social Club look forward to our Tuesdays at Toss Pizzeria where you can get $2 Bud Lights all night and $10 off your $20 tab when you present your players’ appreciation card given to you by either the Game Day Coordinator or Social Coordinator. Believe me, you don’t want to be the one who doesn’t show up at Toss after the games because you will suffer from serious FOMO.


Just. Be. There.



PrimeTime (WHITE) 6 AT Sit On My Base (LIGHT PINK) 2

Red Balls and Vodka (MAROON)  5 AT Rubber Busters (ROYAL BLUE)  1

Crunk Kickers (GOLD) 6 AT Drinkers with a Kicking Problem (AZALEA)  0

Dude, Where’s My Dunder? (IRISH GREEN) 4 AT Sit On My Base (LIGHT PINK)  3

PrimeTime (WHITE)  13 AT Rubber Busters (ROYAL BLUE)  1

Crunktastic (MILITARY GREEN)  1 AT Proscorians (ORANGE)  6

Das Boot (INDIGO BLUE)  0 AT Dude, Where’s My Dunder? (IRISH GREEN) 13

All My Pitches Love Me (SPORT GREY) 6 AT Proscorians (ORANGE) 11

Crunktastic (MILITARY GREEN)  3 AT Joel Ray Salon (PURPLE)  15

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