“Playoffs? Don’t talk about—playoffs?! You kidding me? Playoffs?! YES!!!



Yes…..it’s playoff night at Richard Moya Park so get your kickballs ready and take cover!!

Let’s talk semis first….4 teams made the playoffs and squared off with each other to see who goes to the big show….the ultimate….the mother of all games….the Finals! Your contestants are:

Balls & Dolls, Drunk Again and Looking to Score, Brew Ballers and I’d Hit That.

Since every team wanted to hold that Championship Banner, there was no let up for any team or player on the field tonight! Balls & Dolls started things off against Drunk Again and Looking to Score. Everybody was sober for this one with both teams scoring one apiece in their opening innings. Drunk Again tacked on a couple more to take the lead. Balls & Dolls had the bases loaded but couldn’t push any runners across…..so close! Drunk Again tacked on another run for good measure and took their game 5-2. On to the finals!

In the other semi final showdown, Brew Ballers went up against I’d Hit That in a nail biter. Both teams put up great defensive schemes to keep this one close. 3 innings down and no one has crossed the plate! Is anybody going to break this one open?! Brew Ballers struck first with a few hard fought singles finally paying off. I’d Hit That did just that……scoring 1 of their own…..all tied up! I’d Hit That had 1 more at bat and made the most of it. They only needed 1 run to take the V and the crowd went nuts when they managed that last single for the win. Awesome game!

It all came down to this…..2 of the toughest and most talented teams vying for the Championship. Who will take it all the way?! Again, both teams posted a couple of runs early to get things started. Drunk Again got started first with 4 runners crossing home. What a great start! I’d Hit That came back with 2 of their own to keep things interesting. Tough defenses held on to give the 4-2 win to Drunk Again and Looking to Score! Awesome playoffs…..awesome games….awesome players!

Lustre Pearl East hosted the night’s Happy Hour where there were lots of toasts to be made and challenges for next season to be made! Another great one in the books…..what do you say we do it all again!

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